The Sandwich Hack You Need To Know For Your Next Camping Trip

sandwiches on pull-apart rolls
sandwiches on pull-apart rolls - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Camping can be a fun activity to help you unwind and unplug, but for some, the idea of building a fire every time the pangs of hunger start calling might make a weekend in the woods seem like more trouble than it's worth. Fortunately for those folks, the sandwich was invented, which helps combat the need for a flame for at least one meal. And if you don't want to take up precious space in your cooler with cold cuts, condiments, and other fixings, there's a clever sandwich hack you need to know.

As demonstrated by Tiktok user @mealsandmunchies, you can quickly make a full batch of sandos before heading out on your adventure with a bag of pull-apart rolls from the grocery store. Simply remove the full tray of rolls from the bag, but instead of ripping them apart, grab a knife and cut the entire loaf of rolls in half. This will create what are essentially two giant pieces of bread, which you can then fill with your favorite deli meats, condiments, and cheeses.

Make sure to cover the entire surface area of the bread with the fixings, and when everything is added, close up the sando and return it to the tray the rolls originally came in. Grab your knife and slice along the pre-cut line to create individual sandwiches, then slide the tray back into the bag for a quick and convenient camping meal that can easily fit in your cooler.

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Prevent Your Sandwiches From Getting Soggy

Assembling pull-apart sandwiches
Assembling pull-apart sandwiches - mealsandmunchies / TikTok

You may have noticed that we didn't instruct you to fill these camping-friendly pull-apart sandwiches with veggies. That's because fixings like tomatoes and pickles are some of the biggest culprits for soggy sandwiches, so when prepping this make-ahead meal, it may be best to either pack your veg separately or simply do without. Still, that's not to say that condiments won't aid in sandwich sogginess, either. For that, TikTok user @mealsandmunchies has an easy fix.

Instead of packing your mayo and mustard separately, which can take up space in your cooler, the TikToker shared that they add them to the sandwich between the layers of meat and cheese rather than directly on the bread. The easiest method for this is to start with a layer of cheese slices, and then add the condiments. Because the cheese is flat, the sauces will be easy to spread. Then, you can cover them with deli meat or even another layer of cheese, creating a second barrier that will prevent them from seeping into the top half of the rolls, rendering them soggy. Make sure to pat down your cold cuts with a paper towel, as well, to remove any additional moisture. And if you're looking for more dishes to make while you're spending some time out in nature, check out these one-dish meals that will change the way you camp.

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