Sandra Sully hits out at 'ridiculous' comments: 'Stop this'

"You’ve got to stop this, it’s not how you behave anymore."

Sandra Sully has hit out at the 'ridiculous' focus on her and her female colleagues' appearances throughout her TV career.

The 10 News First newsreader recalled a moment with a former male colleague, where she overheard his comments about another newsreader's breasts being too large for an on-camera role.

Sandra Sully
Sandra Sully has hit out at the 'ridiculous' focus on her appearance throughout her TV career. Photo: Getty

Speaking with The ABC, Sandra revealed that a few days later, she made a speech at a women in media event, sharing his comments.

"It got back to the office and that [former male colleague] said to me, 'That was a bit pointed, wasn’t it?'" she shared. "And I went, 'You shouldn’t have said it, should you? What’s that got to do with anything? You’ve got to stop this, it’s not how you behave anymore.'"

Sandra also shared a story about being on the road as a reporter when a senior producer insisted she wear lipstick for an interview, telling her "it was important".


"I remember I just laughed. I went, 'What? You can't be serious.' I don't even know if I verbalised it. I think I just thought it and moved on," Sully says.

"I became increasingly aware of the double standards that women were being judged: What you wear, how you presented, what your hair looked like, your make-up."

Thankfully, the newsreader shares that she believes newsrooms have changed in the years since, with many more opportunities for women, who are now considered for every role.

However, she believes that when it comes to freelance roles "men of all ages" are more likely to be considered than women.

Sandra unmasked on The Masked Singer

Sandra Sully as Fawn on The Masked Singer
Sandra Sully was unmasked as Fawn on The Masked Singer. Photo: Channel 10

It comes after the presenter surprised audiences when she was recently unmasked as Fawn on The Masked Singer.

Sandra had impressed with her take on The Pussycat Dolls' Don’t Cha, she wasn’t able to top Tiny’s rendition of Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on Sunshine.

None of the guessing panel, Mel B, Dave Hughes, Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield, guessed correctly, instead assuming Fawn was Carrie Bickmore, Pip Edwards, Chloe Hayden and Jackie O.


Following her unmasking, Sandra said: "I read the news every night and tragedy happens all the time, really heavy stuff, but you do only live once. Life is short - don’t live a life of regret."

She then confessed to Dave Hughes that she had actually been rehearsing for her time on the show in his neighbour’s apartment.

"[I was] hoping like heck that I wasn’t going to run into you, or that you would hear me!"

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