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Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 hits a new low of $220, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals

Including discounts on PS5 games, SSDs, Samsung microSD cards and Bose speakers.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

It's a bit of a slow week for tech deals, but we've still found a handful of good prices on gadgets and gear we like. For instance, Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5, our preferred smartwatch for Android users, is down to a new low of $220, while Apple's iPad Air is $99 off its MSRP at $500. Sony is running a sale on PS5 and PS4 exclusive games, and a handful of recommended SSDs and microSD cards are down to their best prices to date. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

This is the lowest price we've seen for this recommended smartwatch. Note that the discount only applies to the gray 40mm model.
$220 at Amazon

The 40mm version of Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 is on sale for $220, which is only about $10 to $15 less than its typical street price in recent months but still represents an all-time low. We gave the Galaxy Watch 5 a review score of 85 last year, and it's currently the "best for Android users" pick in our guide to the best smartwatches. Its battery life could be better, but we dig its durable, minimalist design, crisp display and capable health tracking. Samsung's One UI interface is easy enough to navigate as well, and the company says it'll support the watch with software updates through 2026.

PlayStation 5 first-party game sale

This is $5 off the lowest price we've tracked for Sony's racing sim, and it comes as part of a wider sale on first-party PlayStation games.
$40 at Amazon
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$40 at Target

Sony has kicked off a sale on several of its own PS5 and PS4 games. The discounts are available at multiple retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy and Sony's PlayStation Direct shop. Among the highlights, the racing sim Gran Turismo 7 is down to $40, which is $5 above its all-time low but still a $30 discount for those looking to try out its new AI opponents or VR support. (The PS4 version is down to $30.) The PS5 remake of The Last of Us is $20 off for those enjoying its TV adaptation, while both the original PS4 remaster and the brutal sequel are available for $10.

Beyond that, the lush open-world game Horizon Forbidden West is down to a low of $40 (or $30 for the PS4 copy, which includes a free PS5 upgrade). The friendly action game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the haunting roguelike Returnal and the remade PS3 classic Demon's Souls are each $30; Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the remastered dual pack Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection are down to $20; and both God of War and the idiosyncratic Death Stranding are available for $10. There are more deals apart from those, but either way Sony says this sale will run through March 5.

Anker 715 Charger

This is a $15 discount on Anker's ultracompact 65W USB-C charger.
$35 at Amazon

Anker's 715 Charger is a 65W USB-C charger with a highly compact design that should be suitable for travel. It only has one port, but it has enough power to charge most phones, tablets and even some laptops at their maximum rate. The device is back down to $35 at Amazon, which is a price we've seen a few times before but still comes in $15 below the charger's typical going rate. This deal is also available at Anker's online store, but you'll need to use the code WS7DOOUANO at checkout there.

Samsung Evo Select microSD card

This deal matches the lowest price we've seen for this recommended microSD card.
$13 at Amazon
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$13 at Samsung

Samsung's Evo Select is a U3-, V30-rated microSD card that should be more than fast enough for 4K video on a GoPro or game storage on a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. It's also backed by a 10-year limited warranty. The 128GB and 512GB versions of the card are still available for $13.49 and $45, respectively, both of which match the lowest prices we've tracked.

Samsung 980 Pro SSD

This matches the lowest price to date for this PS5-ready SSD. Just be sure to add a heatsink if you use it with Sony's game console.
$100 at Amazon
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$100 at Samsung

In other Samsung storage deals, the 1TB version of company's 980 Pro SSD is available for an all-time low of $100. That's about $20 below the drive's average going rate in recent months. If you need more space, the 2TB model is also on sale for a low of $160. Not everyone needs to pay up for a high-performing NVMe 4.0 drive like this, but for higher-performing builds or expanding the storage of a PlayStation 5, it'll work well. If you do buy for a PS5, just make sure you pair the drive with a heatsink first. (You can also buy a version of this SSD with an integrated heatsink for $10 to $20 more, depending on how much capacity you need.) You'll also want to make sure the SSD's firmware is up-to-date: Various users have reported higher-than-usual failure rates with specific Samsung drives, including the 2TB 980 Pro here, but the company looks to have fixed the issue with a recent update.

Crucial MX500 SSD (1TB)

This is the best price we've seen for this recommended SATA SSD for older computers. Higher-capacity models are also on sale.
$52 at Amazon
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$52 at B&H Photo Video

You wouldn't buy a 2.5-inch SATA SSD like the Crucial MX500 for fast storage performance on a new PC, but if you're looking to upgrade an older computer that came with a slower HDD installed by default, it can still provide a noticeable boost. The MX500 itself is the top SATA pick in our guide to the best SSDs, and right now its 1TB model is on sale for an all-time low of $52. Typically, the drive retails closer to $65. If you need more space, the 2TB model is down to $120, while the 4TB model is available for $240. Those prices are $8 and $2 off the two models' respective all-time lows.

Apple iPad Air

This is only $20 more than the lowest price we've seen for Apple's M1-powered iPad Air. You should see the full discount applied at checkout.
$500 at Amazon

Apple's iPad Air is back down to $500 at Amazon, which is $20 more than its all-time low but still roughly $30 below its typical street price and $100 below Apple's MSRP. You should see the full discount at checkout. We gave this 10.9-inch tablet a review score of 90 last year, and we generally consider it the best iPad for most people. While it lacks the 120Hz refresh rate or top-end M2 chip of the iPad Pro, it still gets you a modern design, more than enough power, the usual 10-ish hours of battery life and support for Apple's best accessories, all at a more affordable price.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

While not an all-time low, this is still a roughly $45 discount on this recommended portable speaker that can connect over both Bluetooth and WiFi.
$319 at Amazon
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$319 at Walmart

We highlight the aptly named Bose Portable Smart Speaker in our guide to the best portable Bluetooth speakers, and right now the device is down to $319. That's $20 more than its all-time low but still about $45 below its typical street price and $80 below Bose's MSRP. While there are certainly cheaper options out there, this wireless speaker still gets you a travel-friendly, IPX4-rated design (complete with a built-in carrying handle), impressive bass for its size, AirPlay 2 functionality and support for both Alexa and the Google Assistant. Think of it like a smaller rival to the Sonos Move. Bose rates the speaker's battery life at up to 12 hours, too, though that will be lower if you regularly stream over WiFi.

Beats Fit Pro

The just-released "coral pink" and "volt yellow" colorways for these excellent wireless earphones are $30 off Beats' MSRP.
$170 at Amazon

Beats rolled out a handful of new finishes for its workout-friendly Fit Pro earphones this week, and a couple of them — the "coral pink" and "volt yellow" colorways — are already on sale for $170. That's $30 off Beats' MSRP. We've seen prior versions of the Fit Pro drop as low as $145, so this deal isn't an all-time low, but if you like the look of these colors specifically, you can save a few bucks all the same. The Fit Pro themselves are the "best for workouts" pick in our best wireless earbuds guide and earned a review score of 87 back in late 2021. While their active noise cancellation can't match what you'd get from Apple's AirPods Pro, they pack many of that pair's conveniences in a sportier design.

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