Sam’s Club Just Added a Chocolaty New Item to the Food Court, and It's Giving Costco a Run for Its Money

When it comes to bulk grocers, no two names carry more weight than Costco and Sam’s Club. Each membership-only savings club has generated quite an impressive fanbase over the years, thanks to their incredibly low prices on products you can only find lining their storied aisles and bays. From a gorgeous ceramic knife set at Sam’s to an endlessly stylish drink dispenser at Costco, there’s not much you won’t find when perusing these big box retailer’s stores—and they don’t seem to have plans to slow down anytime soon.

For all their similarities, however, one area in particular has come to be seen as a proverbial battleground between the two brands. And in recent months, Sam’s Club has been turning up the heat on its larger-than-life competitor.

It’s no secret that Costco has a legendary food court with a cult following of fans singing the praises of almost every item on their menu. But Sam’s is poised and ready to end the “food court wars” once and for all with its slate of latest releases, including a positively cool treat you can only get during the month of April.

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Doubling down on their move to slash the price of their hot dog combo to just $1.38—12 cents cheaper than Costco’s offering—the warehouse-style retailer has upped the ante yet again, by offering a dessert option chocolate lovers will rejoice over.

After polling shoppers on social media to find out what they’d like to see the chain offer for their birthday month celebration known as “Member’s Mark Month,” the front-runner turned out to be a mouth-watering looking Tuxedo Sundae featuring the brand’s own Tuxedo Bar Cake.

The decadent sundae is made up of layers of rich chocolate cake, vanilla soft-serve and ribbons of buttery caramel drizzle. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t further examine the cake chunks studded throughout the limited-edition dessert and without picking any favorites we’d say: Costco, you’ve been warned. Layers of moist chocolate cake mingle with creamy chocolate mousse, cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache and chocolate whipped topping.

Once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, it might be worth it to hightail it to local Sam’s to get your own taste of this incredible concoction—or at least to their bakery to see if you can snag your very own Tuxedo Bar Cake. And with that, the ball is squarely in Costco’s court. Something tells us though, they’ve already got plans to dominate the court once again.

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