Sam’s Club Has a New Food Court Menu Item for a Limited Time Only

Fans voted, and now it's coming to stores.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

Anyone who knows the big box chains will tell you that while the Costco food court gets all the buzz, it's the Sam's Club Café you should be paying attention to. Why? Because not only does it have some of the best deals in the business—we're talking a hot dog combo even cheaper than Costco's—but also because those deals are available to anyone. Yes, little-known fact: Sam's Club's Café is actually open to both members and non-members. What's more, the store just gave us all a very good reason to stop by the nearest Sam's—a new limited edition sundae in the café.

Sam's Club Introduces New Fan-Picked Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake Sundae

Sam's Club's food court (known as its café) is home to some delicious, unique items like its Pizza and Cinnamon-Sugar Pretzels, Icees, and notably, its sundaes. Sam's is known for rotating in some seasonal and limited-edition sundaes, and let's just say—they never miss. From Black Tie Brownie Sundaes and Mint Chocolate Brownie Sundaes last fall to a Birthday Cake Sundae to celebrate the store's 40th birthday, Sam's sundaes are always elaborate, and always delicious.

Last month, Sam's Club posted to its social media asking fans to pick its next café menu addition. Fans had a choice between three sundaes: the Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake Sundae (a vanilla ice cream sundae with Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake and caramel syrup), the Chantilly Bar Cake and Fruit Sundae (a vanilla ice cream sundae with Sweet Fruit Chantilly Bar Cake and a mixed berry topping), and the Apple Turnover Sundae (a vanilla ice cream sundae with apple turnover pieces and caramel syrup).

The fans have spoken, and (unsurprisingly) chocolate came out on top. The Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake Sundae will officially join Sam's Club Café menus for the entire month of April, starting on April 1. The Tuxedo Bar Cake is a specialty of Sam's Club's bakery, and features layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, cream cheese filling, with a rich dark and milk chocolate ganache on top. Reviewers call the cake "melt in your mouth" good, "outstanding," and "the most delicious cake [they] ever had."

<p>Sam's Club</p>

Sam's Club

As teased, the sundae version features pieces of that cake, swirled in with layers of vanilla ice cream and rich caramel sauce. This sundae is only available in cafés until April 30, so try it while you can, because this is one limited-edition treat you don't want to miss.

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