Salma Hayek Details Terrifying Plane Emergency With Penelope Cruz

Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz

Salma Hayek is recounting one of the scariest experiences she's ever had: That one time her plane needed to make an emergency landing in Mexico.

The Magic Mike's Last Dance actress sat down with her close pal and colleague Penelope Cruz for an intimate interview published by Vogue Arabia on Tuesday, April 30, during which Cruz asked her what she learned from the "hairy situation."

"You’ve always had a fear of flying and you always give me instructions of what to do if you die in a crash!" Hayek, 57, said with a laugh. "That day we were together on a flight and the plane had an emergency and had to land in the middle of nowhere in Mexico."

"I knew it was going to happen because I saw the flight attendant coming out of the cockpit and grabbing oxygen. So, I took your hands and said to you that we’re going to be OK. There is something wrong with the plane, but I need you to calm down," she continued, "And I was so proud of you because I could see you struggling to calm yourself down."

"We could do a whole movie about this!" the Frida star joked.

Hayek went on, explaining that something Cruz said during the frightening ordeal has stuck with her to this day.

"You said something so beautiful that I will never forget," the Ugly Betty producer revealed. "You said, 'I thought maybe we were going to die. But we were going to die together. And we were going to be OK.'”

The terrifying incident happened 20 years ago, but with the clarity of the new insight Hayek offered, it feels as though it could have happened just last week.

Cruz, who just recently turned 50, told People back in 2017 that the frightening emergency also left her with an unforgettable memory.

"I had an emergency landing on Halloween day with my friend Salma," Cruz said at the time. "Because it was Halloween, we were dressed as clowns, and I never liked clowns, but after that experience, imagine like even less. I cannot stand seeing a clown after that."

"We were 100 people on that flight and thank God I'm here to tell you the story but it was crazy because we were all wearing costumes," Cruz added. "It was really crazy, when I tell this story people think I'm making it up."

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