Sally Obermeder: ‘I’m having a surrogate baby!'

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Sometimes Sally Obermeder’s little daughter asks a question that pierces her heart: "Where’s my brother? Where’s my sister?"

Toddler Annabelle wants a playmate and the popular TV star, who always imagined a future with a few kids running around, is desperate to give her one.

Yet breast cancer survivor Sally faces a stark truth, with doctors warning the pregnancy she so longs for could kill her.

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Surrogacy is the only hope for her to have another baby – and we can reveal it’s an option The Daily Edition co-host and her husband Marcus are currently exploring, both here and overseas.

"I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that it’s far too dangerous for me to be pregnant again, in terms of the cancer returning," Sally says, emotionally.

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"It's sad and disappointing and I have cried a lot about it, because I loved being pregnant with Annabelle. It was just the most amazing experience.

"But if the cancer does come back, there’s not much doctors can do for me. That’s it, so I would never risk it. Given that knowledge, you would never knowingly do that to yourself or to your family," adds the 41-year-old.

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