Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – 02 April 2024

Mercury is now going retrograde again – here’s what this current Mercury retrograde cycle means for you …

Note: Do read your Rising Sign aka your Ascendant if you know it for a much more accurate prediction and PS find out your Rising Sign for free here if you don’t know it!

For you Mercury retrograde this time around is taking place in your Children, Creativity and Romance Zone. Mercury retrograde could cause you some mayhem, it’s true. Just say you’re trying to decide whether or not to have (more) kids. Mercury going backwards now could leave you feeling initially more confused than ever. Ditto if you’re wondering what on earth is going on in your romantic life and what you should do about it. There is no doubt that Mercury in reverse means you might feel as though the second you come to a decision, some new information comes in and you have to think it all through again. Chaos and mayhem, indeed. However, once this cycle is finally over, you will have had the Planet of the Mind Mercury wearing a beaten path in this part of your chart – in other words, you’ll have had so much time to think and rethink your options, you might find that your finally ready to make a decision – one which you’ll eventually be happy to stick to. Good luck! Where creative projects are concerned, think of the next few weeks as a chance to rethink and revise. Make sure you save your original copy – you might not think much of the revisions you come up with at first. However, as with the above, the final revisions you come to once this Mercury retrograde is over could be exactly what you were hoping for. Creatively, do be experimental and patient with yourself. Find out more about this famous cycle

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