Fashion designer's insane booty transformation

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
Fashion designer's insane booty transformation

Fashion designer Thessy Kouzoukas has showed off her incredible body transformation after giving birth to her baby daughter.

Sabo Skirt founder Thessy uploaded a snap to her Instagram, showing her 143,000 followers her 13.2kg weight loss, after she set herself a challenge of getting down to 53kg before her wedding in July.

While her journey may not be for everyone, over the past seven months Thessy has been to the gym six days a week and only had two cheat meals in her bid to reach her goal weight.

“So here it is! All my hard work, sweat and tears... this is the result of 5 months of the @fitazfk app, and almost 2 months of the @fitazfk 8 week challenge,” she said.

She went on to say she spent months ‘fighting’ with her partner, Georgio Batsinilas, over not wanting to go for runs, but ‘always end up smashing it’.

Thessy welcomed her baby daughter, Zani, in August and weighed 75kg at the end of her pregnancy.

In an Instagram post from March, Thessy detailed her body transformation journey, saying she’s worked extremely hard to get to where she has.

“I’m so proud of myself, losing a lot of weight is never something I’ve had to do in my life,” she wrote.

“The weight I put on in pregnancy STUCK to me. It’s been such a mission getting it off, but this morning I weighed myself and I have finally reached 59.7kg which is only 6.5kgs away from my end goal.”

“Every day I complete one hiit and one resistance session on the app either at the gym or at home. We’re shredding for the wedding baby.”

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