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New Ryan Gosling TikTok meme allows users to share their ‘honest reaction’

TikTokers are no longer putting on a fake mask when someone tells them something they don’t want to hear. Instead, they are showing their honest reactions.

In late 2022, Ryan Gosling did an advertisement campaign with luxury brand Gucci. He took several photos and videos, and users gravitated towards the final product.


My honest reaction | Ryan Gosling modeling for Gucci (Special)▪︎#ryangosling #ryangoslingedit #myhonestreaction #gucci

♬ sonido original – Edits!!!1!!.com

The edits that have come from that campaign are circling TikTok, as people either use Gosling’s nonchalant pictures and videos or try to recreate the photos themselves to show their ‘honest reaction’ to certain questions.

In the comments of this video and several others in this trend, users continue to find a way to bring up Ryan Gosling.

“Bro thinks he’s Ryan gosling,” said @certifiedmunkin.

“Ryan gosling fears this man,” said @nkl.richhh

“You walked so ryan gosling could run,” replied @jjmelahhh.

All three of those were under the same video, and nearly every comment section in this trend looks similar.

This trend has even spread to the sports world, with users showing different athletes to get their point across.

Here, @.offsznkd used Damian Lillard highlights to respond to the question, “Will you ever leave me?” Lillard has played with the same NBA franchise, the Portland Trail Blazers, his entire career.

While all of these videos are centered around giving an honest reaction, there is another common thread. Posts in this trend are using Azealia Banks’s “Luxury” as the sound, specifically a slowed-down version.

Vintage (@vintagetune) posted the remix to the song in 2021. Currently, there are over 28,000 videos with this sound.

This trend has given TikTokers the space to be completely honest, and they have taken that opportunity and ran with it.

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