Ryan Gosling says “The Nice Guys” never got a sequel because '“Angry Birds” destroyed us'

"So much of a sequel, I think, is decided by the opening weekend of a movie," the actor says about his beloved 2016 flop.

Why didn't The Nice Guys ever get a sequel? Ryan Gosling has an answer.

The 2016 crime caper, which starred Gosling and Russell Crowe as hilariously mismatched private investigators working together to track down a missing girl in '70s L.A., has been a longtime favorite of the film's fans online. The premise feels so easily franchisable (they could theoretically just keep investigating different mysteries) that many have wondered why a sequel has never been developed.

Although The Nice Guys' fanbase has grown over the years, Gosling says its fate was decided on opening weekend thanks to a particularly tough competitor.

“So much of a sequel, I think, is decided by the opening weekend of a movie, and we opened up against Angry Birds,” Gosling told ComicBook.com in a new interview. “So Angry Birds just destroyed us."

<p>Everett (2)</p> Angry Birds, Ryan Gosling

Everett (2)

Angry Birds, Ryan Gosling

The proof is in the pudding, because The Angry Birds Movie did get a sequel. After that opening weekend box-office performance in 2016, the video-game adaptation continued with The Angry Birds Movie 2 in 2019.

For anyone who hasn't seen The Nice Guys but enjoyed Gosling's Oscar-nominated comedic performance in last year's Barbie, the 2016 film is still worth checking out for his slapstick. And, of course, he has The Fall Guy coming to theaters on May 3.

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