Rumor Has It Trader Joe's Is Bringing Bubble Waffles To The Frozen Section

Bubble waffles with sweet toppings
Bubble waffles with sweet toppings - stockcreations/Shutterstock

Trader Joe's already carries plenty of frozen waffles (some better, some worse), but now, bubble waffles are seemingly set to make their grand entrance on the grocery chain's shelves. According to a May 1 Instagram post from users @bigboxvegan and @traderjoesnew, the store will soon carry boxes of frozen, vegan bubble waffles retailing for $4.49. Each waffle will reportedly have crispy edges and a chewy middle comparable to the texture of mochi.

Unlike regular waffles, bubble waffles have puffed-out shapes in place of the standard syrup-holding pockets. Indeed, the cakey "bubbles" resemble miniature eggs — and may even taste a bit like them, too. Traditional bubble waffle recipes are a bit sweeter and eggier than the standard variety, so it's only fair to expect similar from the Trader Joe's version, vegan or not. Instagram commenters were quick to praise the rumored drop, noting the fact that bubble waffles are difficult to make vegan due to their standard egg content.

The treats originate from Hong Kong, where they're also known as egg waffles. In their homeland, bubble waffles are commonly sold at street markets, and in the last several years, they've slowly started making their way across Europe and the U.S. Back in 2022, one Reddit user on the Trader Joe's subreddit used the chain's ube mochi pancake and waffle mix to create their own bubble waffles, so it's unsurprising that the store is officially hopping on the trend.

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Bubble Waffles Are A Hong Kong Tradition

Bubble waffles with ice cream
Bubble waffles with ice cream - Oleksandra Naumenko/Shutterstock

Bubble waffles date back to the 1950s, when flour, sugar, and eggs were among the most widely available ingredients. Called "gai daan jai" in Cantonese, they have since developed into an iconic Hong Kong snack representing the region's evolution and lifestyle. In China's street markets, the treat is traditionally made over a charcoal fire rather than in an electric waffle maker. Of course, the Trader Joe's vegan version shown in @bigboxvegan's Instagram post won't be entirely authentic (even if we don't know the exact ingredient list yet), but the eggy bubbles' sentiment is the same. The singular shape that sets this item apart from even the best frozen waffles was originally created so people could eat the egg-shaped pieces as individual bites, and the store-bought version will be no different.

These waffles are also tasty when served whole. In modern bubble waffle shops, they're often rolled into a cup and have a scoop of ice cream in the middle. If you so choose, you could easily use the Trader Joe's frozen version to create something similar. No matter how you plan to eat them, the fact that they're vegan is enough to establish their status; with luck, they'll easily surpass the worst frozen waffles out there. In fact, don't be surprised if they become a fan favorite.

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