Rum And Root Beer Is The Easy Drink Combo You Need To Try

rum and root beer
rum and root beer - By Vesi_127/Getty Images

Whiskey and coke go together like peanut butter and jelly, but did you know there's another spirit and soda combo that's simply divine? The easy, boozy drink combo you must try is rum and root beer. In fact, root beer is one of the best mixers to use with rum to make an effortless, tasty cocktail.

So why does the combination of root beer and rum taste so good? Unlike many other sodas, root beer has a multifaceted flavor profile with notes of wintergreen, vanilla, and spices. Since root beer and rum, especially spiced rum, share similar undertones, the two drinks complement each other well. Both root beer and rum have notes of molasses as well, and their flavors play off each other.

Ready to try an easy cocktail made with rum and root beer? First, choose a type of rum, like gold or navy. Once you've picked out your liquor, grab some root beer. If you have trouble selecting an option at the supermarket, we've ranked the 19 best root beer brands, with Sprecher Brewing topping the list.

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Easily Elevate A Rum And Root Beer Cocktail With Cream, Ice Cream, Or Fruit

root beer float
root beer float - RFondren Photography/Shutterstock

Once you've picked out your rum and root beer, mixing them together is a simple process. Pour about 4 ounces (or half a can) of root beer into a glass filled with ice. Then add one shot, or 1.5 ounces, of rum. Give it a taste. Feel free to add a little more rum if desired. The key is to find balance in the drink.

After you've mixed the perfect rum and root beer cocktail, it's time to go a step further and experiment with more complex creations. Elevate the cocktail with a creamy element by mixing in a shot of heavy cream, coconut milk, or flavored creamer. Alternatively, you can make a boozy and delicious root beer float by adding vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Chill the glass before combining the ingredients to make your root beer float taste even better.

If incorporating creamer or ice cream into your root beer and rum concoction doesn't float your boat, consider playing with the fruity notes in the rum by adding a slice of citrus fruit, an orange peel, or a squirt of lime juice. You can also play on the root beer's wintergreen flavor by mixing a fresh sprig of mint into the drink.

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