Is It Rude to Film on a Disney Ride? A Theme Park Expert Answers the Controversial Question

PEOPLE spoke with an expert to get the best insights, tips and Disneyland no-nos to ensure the most successful trip to the most magical place on Earth

<p>Getty</p> What are the biggest Disneyland and Disney World faux pas?


What are the biggest Disneyland and Disney World faux pas?

Is it rude to film on a Disney ride? Is "drinking around the world" overdoing it? What's the biggest faux pas Disney park-goers make all the time?

For both new visitors and longtime theme park fans at Disney parks across the world, the topics of etiquette are a hotly debated issue.

The Disney parks in the U.S. — Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. and Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. — have had their fair share of etiquette-related controversies, including everything from fights breaking out between groups of guests jockeying for the perfect photo op to which disabled people are represented by the parks' Disability Access Services (DAS). And who could forget the "It's A Small World" incident late last year?

To answer park-goers questions about queueing, social faux pas and more, PEOPLE asked theme park journalist and host of the Very Amusing podcast Carlye Wisel to share her tips for having the best time you possibly can while visiting a Disney property.

<p>Getty</p> Is It Rude to Film on a Disney Ride? A Theme Park Expert Answers the Controversial Question


Is It Rude to Film on a Disney Ride? A Theme Park Expert Answers the Controversial Question

According to Wisel, guests should always feel free to film on rides — paying a visit to the parks is a time to make memories with friends and family, and many visitors have their phones out half the day already because of Disney's integrated apps.

"Using your phone to film on rides tends to be a hot button issue, but I actually see no problem with it. Between Genie+, Lightning Lanes and Virtual Queues, you're likely going to be on your phone most of the day at Disney World anyway, so it would be strange to expect someone to put their device away once they're experiencing the incredible rides and attractions Disney has to offer," the expert says.

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One tip for those who might get easily annoyed with others using their phones, Wisel says, is to simply ask an employee before you board a ride if you can be seated in the front row, as to avoid the glare of others' cellphones.

"These places are intended for memory making, so filming your loved ones or even your on board surroundings is to be expected," she adds. "I just recommend you be hyper conscious of your surroundings, and do your very best to not impede the experience of those around you. (That means don’t block people’s view, turn your phone brightness down, and whatever you do, never ever use flash!)"

As for "drinking around the world," a.k.a. the concept where drinking-age adults visiting Epcot in Florida pay a visit to every country represented in the park and get an alcoholic beverage from each location in one day, Wisel says that there's a way to do it well — and for a better price.

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"'Drinking around the world' at Epcot is somewhat of a rite of passage for theme park fans, and can be quite fun," she says. 

"I trust that Disney does an excellent job when it comes to limiting guest consumption appropriately, but the advice I always give people who are attempting to 'drink around the world' is to split drinks with friends and family!" she adds. "It saves plenty of money, ensures you won't overindulge and leaves you room to enjoy plenty of treats along the way."

The other etiquette rule — that may seem obvious to most — that she hopes every single Disney visitor abides by is simple: "Be nice to cast members!"

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"Disney employees work so hard to ensure guests have spectacular vacations, and all too often, frustrations can spill over onto attractions, hotel, park and guest relations workers," she tells PEOPLE, joking that she can offer "no comment" about the worst behavior from guests she's seen first-hand.

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"Theme park employees really bring these parks to life and add so much joy into each day, and being friendly towards them can really brighten your day — and theirs!"

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