The rosé fact that’ll make your week

We’ve just found the perfect reason to crack a cheeky mid-week bottle of rosé… a fact not many may know about the drink with a cult-like following.

Rosé is the wine that lasts longest in your fridge! So, you can enjoy a sophisticated glass of rosé after work on a weeknight and it’ll last til the weekend. Cheers to that.

Pour it up, rosé is the mid-week wine that’ll last in your fridge until the weekend. Photo: Getty

As long as the wine’s exposure to oxygen, heat and light is limited, you can keep the bottle in the fridge for up to seven days.

Rosé, bringing glamour to your weeknight since right now! Photo: Getty

Another way to savour the flavour of rosé is to freeze leftovers in ice cubes and use in your next ice-cold glass of wine. Try Kim Crawford Rosé for a chic weeknight easy-sipper that will bring elegance to a Tuesday.

While we’re at it, here are four more facts you may not know about rosé.

1. It’s budget-friendly
A Kim Crawford bottle costs well under $25.  Rosé is more simple to make than red wine and doesn’t need the extra time to mature, so you don’t need to fork out a fortune to enjoy an exciting drop.

Cheers to rosé being affordable and sophisticated. Photo: Getty

2. The blushing couple

Whether it’s summer seafood in Napoli sauce, red meat or tart soft cheeses, rosé is known for being a versatile vino when it comes to food pairing.

3. Celebs are obsessed

It’s not just Angelina Jolie that has her finger in the rosé pie with her French winemaking estate, Insta-celeb The Fat Jewish, Drew Barrymore and John Legend all have their own brands.

Angelina Jolie loves rosé so much she created her own brand. Photo: Getty

4. The elegance

Rosé is a one-of-a-kind hack for lifting your hosting game and is the perfect ingredient for cocktails. The Daiquirosé mixes dry rosé, Atlantico rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. Delicious and stylish.  Adding a sprig of fresh thyme is a simple trick to pimp your rosé.

Head to your nearest liquor store to treat yourself to Kim Crawford Rosé. Available at BWS, Liquorland, First Choice and IGA Victoria.

Thyme and ice in rosé is a simple and stylish hack to bring out the taste of the wine. Photo: Getty