TV host Tom Gleisner busted eyeing model Robyn Lawley in on-air gaffe

Tom Gleisner has been called out for an unfortunate slip of the eye. Photo: Ten
Tom Gleisner has been called out for an unfortunate slip of the eye. Photo: Ten

He might host a show called Have You Been Paying Attention, but it looked like Tom Gleisner was struggling to do that himself this week.

The TV host was caught in an embarrassing moment on Monday night, when a slip of his eyes during a chat with Aussie model Robyn Lawley didn’t escape the attentions of an eagle-eyed online audience.

The Sports Illustrated model was appearing on the show as a special guest quizmaster, and as Tom rattled off her impressive list of achievements, his eyes slipped for the briefest second, appearing to stare at her chest while the cameras were rolling.

The slip may have more to do with height however, than any unprofessional behaviour.

Robyn is famously tall at 6’2’’ (188cm) and the pint-sized host only reached her chest, meaning his natural eye line fell at an unfortunate height.

Fans of the model were quick to tease Tom over the slip regardless.

“When Tom takes a peek and quickly looks at the camera,” one cheeky fan wrote.

Another took pity on the host, arguing it was an honest mistake.

“Poor bugger they are right there at his eye height!!” they said.

One misstep too many

Robyn wasn't too impressed with Tom's offer. Photo:
Robyn wasn't too impressed with Tom's offer. Photo: Ten

It wasn’t the only gaffe that left the host red-faced. In an attempt to joke with the Aussie beauty, he invited her to grace the cover of Fresh Water Fishing promising he knew the editor.

Robyn is of course an outspoken vegan, which she quickly pointed out.

“I’m vegan bro, we don’t fish,” Robyn quipped, leaving the host scrambling to recover.

“You can let them back in,” he promised.

“Oh God. Just hook them in the mouth and let them back?” an unimpressed Robyn responded.

An outspoken advocate

The model is no stranger to speaking her mind publicly.

Earlier this year, she slammed Victoria’s Secret after the lingerie company’s annual show was reportedly axed after 23 years.

The model told Yahoo! Lifestyle she thought it served the company right for having such little variety of models in the show.

She called for a boycott after they refused to include any size diversity, despite Robyn and others loudly arguing in favour of more diversity.

“I actually heard the [axing rumours] a couple of months back. My first thought was ‘serves you right,’” the Sports Illustrated star said at the time.

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