Robert Irwin's Python Rescue Video Has Fans Focusing on Something Else Entirely

Some of Robert Irwin’s fans found themselves distracted by his latest social media video showing a python rescue in progress.

The conservationist has attracted a dedicated following through the media content he shares frequently. Many of his younger fans often find themselves commenting on how attractive they find the son of the late Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin.

In a new video shared on Instagram on Sat., June 15, Robert’s attention was focused entirely on a carpet python that he said he’d found near a busy road. As he picked up the python, which was several feet long, Robert praised the “beauty,” noting that it was acting “so chill.”

“Look at the size of him,” Robert marveled. Seeing the python behave so calmly was “wild,” he added, explaining that it was “obviously not one of our zoo snakes” but was instead “just crossing the road” to soak up some warmth from the road.

“So he’s sitting out there, getting a nice little bit of warmth today, and lucky he didn’t get run over,” Robert said. “There’s a lot of traffic here.”

The clip then switched to a view of a vehicle driving off-road, after which the python was released into what the video indicated was a safer area for the reptile to explore.

Despite the size of the python, some of Robert’s fans instead focused on the size of the 20-year-old’s muscular legs as he walked around with the python balancing between his two hands.

“Bro isn’t missing leg day 👊🏼,” one fan applauded.

“Mate that leg tan😂😂,” another person commented.

Others who were able to keep their attention on the python praised Robert for his rescue effort, with some noting he is his “dads boy 👏👏👏.”

“You’re so great with wildlife 👏,” one person commented as another fan said Robert is “like your dad caring for animals good on you mate.”

“Imagine being a snake and an Irwin just picks you up,” one fan wrote.

“I love how he’s just looking at Robert like ‘I’ve been lying on warm roads my whole life just to get a chance to meet you,’” another fan said.

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