Roast Date Seeds For A Deliciously Unexpected Cup Of Coffee

Coffee cup surrounded by coffee beans
Coffee cup surrounded by coffee beans - Georghanf/Getty Images

Dates are the secret to nutritiously sweetened smoothies and lovely shakes like those that you get from hip cafes, but it might surprise you to learn that if you roast dates seeds and grind them up, they can make a delightful cup of date coffee. In fact, ground, roasted dates turn bad coffee into a better cup. Not to mention that if you are trying to kick the caffeine, this is a great coffee alternative. The process is rather simple and requires no more than some date pits that have been cleaned. You don't want any of that lovely date meat visible, so feel free to give them a good soak if needed.

Once they are cleaned to your satisfaction, roast them in the oven at between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit for anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. You can tell they are done when their initial pale coloring changes shade. Take them out of the oven, and they are ready for the coffee grinder. You are going to need about 10 pits per cup of coffee, so plan accordingly. What you will love most about date coffee is how you can make it your own once you've brewed it a few times and get comfortable with its taste.

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Use Your Brewing Method Of Choice

Pile of dates
Pile of dates - Tim Graham/Getty Images

When you make that first cup and take your inaugural sip, you will notice it doesn't have the same bitterness that is synonymous with regular coffee. Instead, there is a mild taste to date coffee. And if you feel like you need a little giddy in your giddy-up and go, you can add the ground, roasted date seeds to whatever brand of java grounds you enjoy to give you more of a half-and-half combo when it comes to the caffeine. You can also add spices to the mix if you want to shake up the flavor with a little cinnamon, nutmeg, or even black pepper.

You can use your homemade date grounds in everything from a Mr. Coffee maker to a French Press or even an espresso machine, so don't be intimidated. If you like your date coffee hot, you may also enjoy it chilled for sipping on a hot summer's day. Just brew, refrigerate, and serve over ice. And it also tastes delicious with a little half-and-half, homemade coffee creamer, or whatever alternative dairy creamer you enjoy with your morning coffee. 

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