Rita Ora stuns in plunging jumpsuit on Sunrise

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Superstar Rita Ora made her way to Aussie shores last month through controversy and criticism, and now the British pop singer has opened up about settling into life in Australia filming The Voice, while managing to avoid any awkward Covid questions in the process.

Appearing on Sunrise on Friday, the stunning singer sported a very daring plunging pale pink jumpsuit to perform her hit Bang Bang.

Rita Ora plunging jumpsuit Sunrise
Rita wowed in her plunging jumpsuit on Sunrise. Photo: Seven

It was after her performance wrapped up, however, that many couldn't help but notice a very awkward elephant in the room.

In an interview on stage with co-hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Doran, the star was asked how she was adjusting to life in Sydney after the intensity of the UK lockdown, without any talk of her multiple lockdown violations at home in the UK.

Rita Pra Sunrise on 7 Natalie Barr Matt Doran
It was what wasn't said in a quick chat after the performance that raised eyebrows. Photo: Instagram/sunriseon7

Rita was busted throwing an illegal birthday party in a restaurant in December 2020 when the country was in strict lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, arriving in Australia just one month after the controversial incident.

In response, Rita spoke about loving the weather change without mentioning the startling difference between the coronavirus situation in her home country, and the more relaxed rules and case numbers in Australia.


Natalie Barr couldn't resist mentioning the global situation, however.

"You guys have done it very tough during Covid," she pointed out. "We are happy to have you."

"I know yes," the star responded, adding: "Thank you very much, I feel like I'm at home. Thank you for all the kind love."

Rita Ora Sunrise lockdown interview awkward
Rita managed to dodge any mention of her lockdown dodging back in the UK. Photo: Seven

Also not mentioned was jaw-dropping rumours that tennis star Nick Kyrigos has been eagerly pursuing the British beauty after his highly publicised split from former girlfriend Chiara Passari.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Kyrgios has been trying to bounce back with the star, reportedly “sliding into Rita’s DMs.”

For those not in the know, DMs are direct messages on social media.

“It’s not something Rita is taking seriously,” a source from The Voice told the publication.

Rita's Aussie arrival sparks backlash

When Rita first arrived in Australia there was huge backlash online with the government slammed by Labor MP’s and Aussies after it emerged that the UK pop star entered the country and been escorted to a 14-day hotel quarantine.

The furore centred on the star's multiple lockdown violations in the UK, after she left her primary residence in London for a country retreat against public health advice in the first wave, and late last year threw an illegal birthday party at the peak of the country's extreme lockdown.

At the time, London metropolitan police claimed the star’s team bribed a London restaurant owner with £5000 pounds to host her illegal 30th birthday party on November 28.

The party was attended by 17 people, during the height of Britain’s November lockdown period.

Adding further fuel to the fire was the later revelation that Ora should have been self-isolating after a trip to Egypt at the time the party was held.

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