Rita Moreno Unleashes Her 92-Year-Old Wisdom On Concerns Over Biden's Age

“West Side Story” legend Rita Moreno just launched a defense of President Joe Biden for the ages. (Watch the video below.)

Appearing on “The View” Monday, the 92-year-old EGOT winner was asked by co-host Ana Navarro what she thought of criticism that Biden, 81, was too old to run again.

“Let me say this and it’s very succinct and to the point: I am not about to vote for someone who has 91 indictments against them for criminal activities,” Moreno said, referring to the charges against Donald Trump spread over four indictments. “I mean, enough said already. That’s so stupid. Look at all the stuff Biden has accomplished.”

“I’ll take 81 years over 91 counts any day,” Navarro chimed in.

“Ya damn right,” Moreno countered.

A New York Times poll of 980 registered voters published Sunday doesn’t exactly reinforce Moreno’s confidence. More than 60% of the voters who backed Biden in 2020 now say he’s “just too old” to govern effectively. A whopping 73% of all registered voters said he was too long in the tooth as well, according to the survey.

But if voters aren’t going to heed the word of a show business legend who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, they can at least enjoy the joke she cracked at Trump’s expense on the talk show.

“I saw a sign in a deli wall in LA, where I was visiting,” Moreno said, per The Wrap. “And it said: Trump Sandwich. And then it goes on to describe it. Two slices of bread, bolo— wait a minute, two slices of white bread, Bologna, and a very small pickle.”