Rihanna shocks fans with subtle act during Super Bowl halftime show

Rihanna's performance certainly got plenty of fans talking.

Rihanna stunned Super Bowl viewers with her incredible halftime performance, however, one act while singing her song Diamonds got fans talking.

The singer performed a number of hits while standing on a suspended platform wearing a bright red jumpsuit as she was surrounded by backup dancers in white.

Some viewers believe Rihanna used the performance to hint at the fact she was pregnant, with her subtly rubbing her stomach in her tight outfit during her song Diamonds. It comes after she gave birth to her first child with A$AP Rocky last May.

Rihanna rubs her belly during the Super Bowl halftime performance.
Fans claimed Rihanna rubbed her belly a number of times during her Super Bowl performance. Source: Twitter

People flocked to Twitter to speculate on whether the star was hinting at the fact she was pregnant with her second child.

"That was a belly rub, right?" one fan commented.

"Okay Rihanna I seen you rub your belly twice. TELL USSSS," a hopeful fan wrote.

"I’m pretty sure Rihanna just let us know she’s pregnant again. That belly rub got me questioning," a third wrote.

"Rihanna is absolutely pregnant – it was the little belly rub for me!" another fan claimed.

Following the performance, a representative for Rihanna confirmed she was pregnant with her second child.

Rihanna's halftime performance divides

A number of fans lost it over Rihanna's halftime performance with many praising the star for the show.

"I see you Rihanna! Absolutely smashed it!" one wrote on Twitter.

"Wow. Rihanna was absolutely incredible," another said.

"This could go down as the best halftime performance of all time. That was incredible. Amazing stuff Rihanna. F*** it I’m just going to say it. It was," a third applauded the star.

Others, however, had a very different opinion, with many people claiming the performance was "boring".

"So many hits! I only wish there would have been more live singing. When she was singing, it sounded GREAT too!" a fan wrote on Twitter.

"Rihanna scammed the hell out of the NFL with this boring ahh halftime performance," a disappointed viewer said.

"This is boring," a third added.

"Might be the worst Super Bowl halftime show I’ve ever watched. No energy. Boring. She’s not even trying to lip-sync properly. Horrible."

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