After Years Of Sporting Wigs, Rihanna Showed Off Her Natural Hair

Following the announcement of Fenty Hair, Rihanna sported her natural curls around New York and LA yesterday.

Rihanna poses with a hand to her hair, wearing a leather jacket and a stunning ruby necklace
Kayla Oaddams / WireImage

"You know how much switching my hair up matters to me. I’ve had almost every texture, color, length, from weaves to braids to natural — so I am launching a flexible line of products for not only every hair want, but every single product is designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair, which is what we truly need!" Rihanna said in a statement following the reveal of the beauty mogul's expansion to haircare. She seemingly wore a blonde wig for the occasion, which became the subject of ample memeing.

At the launch party of the line, Rihanna subsequently ditched the wigs and went for her own short, honey hair.

Rihanna holds a photo of herself smiling with short pink hair on the red carpet
Kayla Oaddams / WireImage / Noel Vasquez/GC Images

Once inside the event, Rihanna quipped, "This is probably the longest I’ve ever taken to create something. No, I lied, that’s R9."

Rihanna at a Fenty Hair event, wearing a stylish oversized leather jacket with matching skirt and a statement necklace
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Fenty Hair

Indeed, a look at the line's early access release shows products like shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, and edge gel.

  Kayla Oaddams / WireImage
Kayla Oaddams / WireImage

Well, Fenty Hair will officially barrel into our lives on June 13!