Rihanna Is Bringing Back Bangs—and It’s Never Looked Better

Blonde bangs are back, baby.

<p>Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images</p>

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

It’s no secret that bangs are back in style, but if you needed confirmation, here it is in the form of RiRi herself.

The iconic musician and beauty mogul sported a new ‘do last week at the latest Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty event in London, and we are obsessed. A natural progression from RiRi’s golden blonde style at Coachella, bringing back her iconic bangs was only a matter of time for the trend-setting singer—who, by the way, has sported pretty much every hairstyle in the book.

“Rihanna is undoubtedly the queen of all hairstyles, so it’s no surprise that she looks incredible with her new alluring bangs,” says stylist and Noordwyck salon owner, Clara Purvis. "The style is a soft but fuller bang that skims the lashes, and blends into face framing layers. It’s a modern take on the iconic 70’s Birkin bangs, which are oh so coquettish, and very flattering.”

With bangs trending on TikTok (The search for 2024 Bangs has over 192M posts!) and Rihanna’s new ‘do, we’re gearing up for a summer filled with fringey, waterfall-esque styles. In case you’re feeling bold enough to make the big chop, we talked to expert stylists to learn how to copy the look from the queen herself.

How to Get the Look

The one problem with bangs is the styling. We’ve all had a bangs phase that ended in tears after an hour of applying product and trying to perfect how they fell on our face—but it doesn’t have to be so daunting!

For those styling bands for the first time, Purvis recommends combing the entire bang section forward while they are still wet to prevent oiliness and separation. Then roughly blowdry the roots – and of course be sure to use a good hair protectant, like IGK Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray—while gently pulling them forward with your fingers. Once the roots are mostly dry and lying flat, you can use a brush to smooth the ends and give them a slight bend underneath.

To create that smooth piecey texture Rihanna is sporting, try applying a drop of hair cream—we love Blue Dunes Moonage Haircream—towards the ends for that glossy finish. Last but not least, set it all into place with some JoiMist Medium Protective Finishing Hairspray to keep the bangs locked in without weighing them down.

What to Ask For In the Salon

RiRi’s style of fringe can be described as a soft, blunt and rounded cut with a few accent and face-framing pieces.

To recreate this look at the salon, Joico Global Senior Artistic Director, Richard Mannah,  recommends you “ask for a fringe which is softly cut below the eyebrow-length with a soft layered edge to avoid blunt lines and help seamlessly blend with the rest of the hair style.”

But one size doesn’t fit all with fringes—be sure to always bring a few inspirational photos to the salon so your hairdresser can assess the desired style and how it best fits with your face shape and hair texture.

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