Ricki Lake Says Whether She Plans To Return To Daytime TV

Fans hoping to see Ricki Lake return to daytime TV may be disappointed.

In an Entertainment Tonight video released Friday, Lake made it clear that her days as a talk show host were behind her.

When asked if she’d ever do another talk show, Lake responded, “Probably never.”

“I did it. I lived it. I’m really proud of the show I did back then,” she said. “I don’t know — I’m happy to be a guest.”

The hit show “Ricki Lake” — where guests got makeovers or confronted exes who dumped them, among other themes — ran from 1993 to 2004.

Lake returned to daytime TV in 2012 with “The Ricki Lake Show,” but it was canceled after one season.

Ricki Lake is photographed on March 12, 2024, in Los Angeles.
Ricki Lake is photographed on March 12, 2024, in Los Angeles. Chelsea Guglielmino via Getty Images

Lake may not be hearing audiences chant, “Go, Ricki!” anytime soon, but she appears to be living her best life nonetheless.

On Friday’s episode of the talk show “Sherri,” Lake said that she’s experiencing a “really, really happy, joyful time” in her life.

The former daytime TV host is currently married to Ross Burningham, whom she wed in 2022. She was also married twice before. Her second husband, Christian Evans, died in 2017.

Lake said on “Sherri” that she and Burningham are the “happiest people in our 50s you’ve ever met in your life.”

“We’ve both had a lot of evolving and growth. We’ve gone through a lot,” she said. “We appreciate each other.”

Lake, who has two children from a previous relationship, then suggested that life with her husband — a father of four — is easier since all of their kids are adults now.

“We have six children between us. They’re grown and out of the house,” Lake said, before adding with a laugh that she and Burningham don’t have to deal with the responsibility of raising kids.

“I think it’s just enjoying the fruits of our labor,” she said, later adding, “Now is kind of the coasting time, and it’s really been just a joy.”