Rick Springfield Sends a Strong Message After Richard Marx Berated a Disrespectful Concert Heckler

Rick Springfield and Richard Marx visit the SiriusXM Studios on Jan. 17, 2024, in New York City.

Rick Springfield and Richard Marx are on a co-headlining acoustic tour in the U.S. But recently, Marx berated a noisy concert heckler onstage—and in response, Springfield sent a strong message of support.

During a concert in Port Chester, N.Y., Marx, 60, performed his song "Angelia" when a woman in the crowd started talking loudly over him. A video obtained by TMZ shows Marx singing with the heckler's voice audible over his vocals and guitar. Although fellow audience members attempted to hush her, she persisted.

Marx professionally finished the song but then took a moment to call out the rude concertgoer. And he didn't hold back.

"I'm genuinely curious who raised you to think that anything you could yell out was more important than what we were doing," he wondered aloud. "Learn some [F-bomb]ing manners, lady!!!"

Springfield, 74, attempted to diffuse the situation by sharing an anecdote about a past performance during which guys were loudly conversing at a bar. He followed up the story by making a comical "threat" to the heckler.

"I'm going to come to your work and I'm going to pee on your desk!!!" the "Jessie's Girl" singer declared.

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In addition to his entertaining clap-backs, Springfield has attracted attention for his ultra-fit physique for a septuagenarian. One fan posted a photo via X in 2022, writing, "How about a shirtless Rick Springfield? Last nights concert in AC was amazing!"

So what's his secret?

"I work out every day. I just got a trainer, and I've been working out with him," he told People in August 2023.  "Basically, I watch what I eat, and I try and stay active."

The "Love Somebody" singer also credited his wife of 40 years, Barbara Porter.

"She's absolutely incredible. And I'm certainly not a cook," Springfield told the publication. "When I was a bachelor, I'd make a big pot of brown rice, chop up an onion and put that in the rice with a can of tuna. I'd have that, a baked potato and salad and live off that for a month. Barbara comes up with these incredible things. She loves cooking."

With his workout regimen and nutritious meals (courtesy of his wife), hopefully, Springfield will keep performing—and expertly defending his on-stage partners—for years to come.

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