Rich Paul Was Asked About His Relationship With Adele, And People Are Calling His Response "Embarrassing"

Rich Paul is being criticized for how he spoke — or failed to speak, rather — about Adele in a resurfaced interview.

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So, at this point, Adele and Rich have been together for almost three years. They were friends first and became a couple in 2021. Last year, Adele told Elle that she was head over heels for Rich. "Beyond," she said. "I've never been in love like this. I'm obsessed with him."

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They've even sparked marriage rumors after Adele referred to Rich as her husband at her Vegas residency in September. According to Entertainment Tonight, a fan had asked if Adele would marry them when Adele said: "You can't marry me, I'm straight, my love. And my husband's here tonight. He's here."

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That's just the start. So, given how she's always gushing about him, fans didn't really appreciate his response when he was recently asked about her.

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Rich was on CBS Mornings last month to promote his memoir Lucky Me when he was asked about his relationship with the "All I Ask" singer. He replied: "She's been great."

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“I think she would agree that we’ve definitely helped each other," he continued. "I’m in a good space, we’re in a good space. Happy. She’s superb.”

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Cohost Tony Dokoupil then said, "Rich, she says 'wife and husband.' You say she's been great," seemingly trying to get more out of Rich. But Rich only said, "She's great for me, yeah. We've been great for each other. ... I'm just not the kind of person to put my personal life — it's not for the media. It's not for the paparazzi. It's for us."

One viewer called his apparent nonchalance about Adele "embarrassing."

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"Adele [has] been telling the world she loves Rich Paul w/ her whole heart & being & that man basically said 'I mean, she aite I guess,'" another tweet read.

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Some also pointed out the irony of Rich saying he's a private person while promoting a memoir on national television.

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But others defended him, with one user writing, "He just wants their relationship private. He said she was superb lol."

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Another noted that Rich has "always been private" and also pointed out that he was there to promote his book — not to talk about his relationship with Adele.

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