Rich Kids of Instagram flaunt wealth amid coronavirus crisis

It seems even a global health crisis won’t stop the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ living their best lives and showing it off online for everyone to see.

Despite the coronavirus crisis bringing much of the world to a complete standstill, apparently not too much has changed for those with cash to splash, flaunting designer face masks, luxury cars, and private jets amid the pandemic.

“LV [Louis Vuitton] will protect me from Coronavirus right?” one man captioned a photo and video showing him cruising the streets of France in his convertible, glad in designer gear.

rich kid of instagram designer face mask
Louis Vuitton keeping this guys 'protected' Photo: Instagram/rkoi

“Douche level Platinum,” was one of his follower’s less-than-amused response.

Others have shared their versions of ‘self-isolation’ from onboard their luxury yachts or inside their mansions, complete with champagne.

“This self-isolation could be worse,” one mused while popping a bottle of bubbles.

rich kid of instagram luxury boat
'Self isolation goals', one lucky person shared. Photo: Instagram/rkoi

While most of us are scrambling to buy the bare essentials right now, these loaded ‘kids’ are still buying themselves new cars, and showing off their rides.

rich kids luxury car
This guy is out for a drive in a face mask and gloves. Photo: Instagram/rkoi

And despite the fact that most travel, both internationally and domestically, is mostly cancelled, it seems these ‘Rich Kids’ are still heading out in their private jets, although some claim the trips are for work purposes.

“Business and the hustle doesn’t stop,” one guy captioned a snap showing him ‘working’ on a laptop during his trip.

rich kid private jet
'Business and the hustle doesn’t stop.' Photo: Instagram/rkoi

“Coronavirus isn’t going to stop my travel plans,” another person wrote alongside his own snap inside a private jet. But while he did don a face mask, his followers weren’t too amused he was still out and about.

Many followers dubbed him an ‘a**hole’, ‘douche’ and ‘moron’.

“Little a**hole,” was one comment.

“That mask isn't going to stop coronavirus but you do you,” another wrote.

While a third added: “Airport security might disagree with you. But you're welcome to try.”

There were a few people who attempted to relate a little more to the things us average folk might be dealing with.

Particularly the toilet paper shortage that is still ongoing after panic buying cleared shelves in supermarkets across the world.

A host of celebrities have been called out already for complaining about life in quarantine, despite living in sprawling mansions.

Just last week, Ellen DeGeneres was criticised after comparing quarantine in her multimillion-dollar mansion to “being in jail”.

The talk show host made the comment during a virtual show.

“One thing that I've learned from being in quarantine is that people - this is like being in jail, is what it is," she said.

“It's mostly because I've been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay.”

Given she was sitting in one of her multiple California homes, with the view behind her armchair looking out on expansive grassy lawns and mountains, some viewers described the host's comments as “tone deaf” and “insensitive”.

“Sitting inside her fifteen million dollar mansion complaining and comparing it to a prison, very tone deaf Ellen,” was one response.

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