Rhys Nicholson spills on ‘crazy night’ with RuPaul while filming Drag Race Down Under

Rhys Nicholson spills on ‘crazy night’ with RuPaul while filming Drag Race Down Under

Video transcript

RHYS NICHOLSON: It's pretty wild. I mean, look, I'm not going to like-- we're not texting each other in the middle of the night. But, like, it is-- this year, it did feel like there was a kind of difference in the relationship of the group. Like I felt it's very easy to say, and I said it years ago, but like it is like a little family, and you kind of get welcomed into it. But then the first year, it is still a little bit like are you going to play with us on the team, or are you going to go a bit crazy? And I don't think I went crazy. I came back at least.

But this year, we did proper-- like, we went to see the Backstreet Boys together. Like, we had this strange-- we had this crazy night where me, Michelle, and a few of the producers and Ru went to see the Backstreet Boys in Auckland. And it was the craziest night of my life. Like, because AJ from the Backstreet Boys had come to visit the set one day. Spoiler alert, does not appear on the show. He came to just visit the show and, like, see Rue. Because he was in the "Drag Race"-- not celebrity, but the one the celebrity reveal one.

- Celebrity, yeah.

RHYS NICHOLSON: Reveal yourself. And but then, he just kind of casually said, like, I'll get you guys tickets. You should come to the show. And so yeah, we all went. And Ru went completely anonymous, like Ru tracksuit. Like for all the bullshit around, like, Ru's not there, I have photos on my phone of RuPaul standing up and singing Backstreet Boys songs at Auckland Spark Arena.

It was wild. The Backstreet Boys was wild. I had a really fun time. And watching someone like Ru and Michelle interact with a concert like that, when they've been-- they're part of that kind of echelon of entertainment. And to see them understand, like, watching a show and knowing that, oh, they're doing, like, this song and-- I don't know. It was just really-- I've never-- I've never sat next to a proper megastar while they're watching megastars-- very strange.