‘RHODubai’s Caroline Stanbury On A “More Relaxed Mindset” For Season 2 & Friendship With Chanel Ayan That’s Making Co-Stars “Jealous”

Caroline Stanbury returns to Bravo with The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 and opens up about how she’s tackling the new season and her newfound friendship with co-star Chanel Ayan.

Ahead of the reality series’ Season 2 premiere, Stanbury told Deadline that she came into the new season with “a more relaxed mindset.”

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“I think the first season, I was a bit like a deer caught in headlights, and this season, I’ve learned not to take things so much to heart and to brush it off a lot faster,” she said. “Because things move so fast and nobody wants to be hung up on the same stuff all the time and going round and round. You’re never going to make six women, or however many we are, all see things your way. And that’s what’s interesting about female relationships.”

One thing that is different this season on RHODubai is the friendship between Stanbury and Ayan. In the first season, Stanbury and Ayan clashed, and things didn’t seem to be going in the right direction at the reunion. However, viewers will be surprised that things quickly changed, and the two stars are now closer than ever.

“It really started after [the] reunion. We made a decision to go and sit and have a drink together, which we’ve never really done on our own,” Stanbury recalled. “And then we started talking and understanding that maybe we had a bit more in common than we thought. We’ve really been spending time [with] our families, I got to know Chris, we’ve been on staycations together.”

She continued, “We both have teenagers so we understand what it’s like to have young children that want nothing to do with you … we go through all the funny teenage things where [Lesa Milan] is trotting around like she’s got the von Trapp family all dressed up and knickerbockers behind her. And I’ve got three teenagers slamming the door in my face. And believe it or not, we both went to boarding school, so we have very similar lives in a way. And, you know, Chanel may not be as young as we all thought so you never know.”

As their newfound friendship is showcased throughout the new season of RHODubai, Stanbury has learned to appreciate Ayan and one of the qualities she said she admired the most was her “resilience.”

“The resilience to everything she’s been through because in the last few months, I’ve actually really been witness to a lot of it,” she said. “I’ve seen her family, I’ve seen what she goes through with her father, and her mother isn’t well, so you know, it’s been hard for her.”

Stanbury said that one thing that used to annoy her about Ayan was her “over-exuberance,” but after getting to know her on a deeper level, she says, “I now understand where it comes from.”

“Now, if she wasn’t that way, I would hate it because then there’d be something really wrong,” she added. “It’s how she compensates for everything she’s been through in life, I think. That’s a really interesting dynamic because I’ve literally loathed her for it at the beginning. And that’s what’s so funny about life, like the people you thought that you would really connect with, maybe we haven’t, and the ones that you thought you couldn’t bear, the more you get to know… And that’s [an] important thing about being an adult is growth and admitting you were wrong. And saying hey, I may have misjudged that person. And actually, I have a real laugh with her now.”

Stanbury and Ayan’s friendship rubs some of their co-stars the wrong way, which Stanbury attributes to jealousy.

“They’re just jealous because we’re having a good time,” she says. “We’re really honestly having a good time and, wouldn’t you want to be a part of that.”

The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 premieres Sunday, June 2, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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