Reviews Are In: Costco's Carne Asada Bowl Is A Flop

Carne asada bowl
Carne asada bowl - Alp Aksoy/Shutterstock

Despite the cult following of many of Costco's items, its latest entry in the deli department has failed to please even the biggest super-fans of the wholesale grocery chain. The chain's carne asada bowls have garnered a host of bad press right off the bat from consumers sharing that the contents of the bowl fail to deliver on its promise.

The popular Instagram account @costcohotfinds posted about the bowl and many social media comments disparaged the product's preparation before even getting a chance to taste the pre-packaged heat-and-eat meal. Several expressed the sentiment that the meal doesn't actually constitute carne asada, which typically includes properly seasoned and charred skirt, flap, or flank steak. One commenter went as far as to say, "Looks like something I feed my dog when she's sick." Others who had tried the bowl themselves complained of a lack of seasoning overall, while somehow having too much cilantro.

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Issues Abound In The 3-Pound Bowl

Costco carne asada bowl
Costco carne asada bowl - Instagram

The bowl contains cilantro rice, seasoned carne asada meat, shredded cheese, onions, salsa, guacamole, and limes for squeezing over top. In addition to derisive comments regarding the status of the bowls as true carne asada, social media users also took issue with the overall quality of the meal. One Instagram user stated, "Don't bother. This meal is gross. Beef is gristly, rice feels like plastic pellets on the bite, and there isn't enough cheese." Several others took umbrage with the $19 price tag, though at nearly 3 pounds, the pre-packaged meal contains enough to make approximately four regular bowl-sized servings.

Users on Reddit appear to be less than impressed with the bowl as well. In the comments of a post about the bowl, one commenter shared, "My husband and I were not fans of this meal. We threw much of it away," further agreeing that the rice and beans were hard and the meat had an off-putting texture.

From lack of seasoning and a disappointing texture to the steep price tag, many on social media shared the sentiment that one would be better off getting the carne asada at Chipotle. While there are some positive comments, the overwhelming majority simply aren't impressed.

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