Restock Your Pantry With These 10 Family-Friendly Signature Select Essentials

1.These classic like-homemade raspberry preserves perfect for all your breakfast, PB&J, and baking needs.

Jar of Signature Select Raspberry Preserves on a white background

2.These restaurant-style tortilla chips for the nights you want to crush an entire jar of salsa solo.

Bag of Signature Select restaurant-style tortilla chips with four simple ingredients

3.These protein-packed chewy granola bars bursting with peanut butter and dark chocolate flavor.

Box of Signature Select Protein Chewy Bars with Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate, five bars packaging, gluten-free label

4.A few cans of ginger ale soda to sip on all day long or to soothe any rogue tummy troubles that may bubble up.

Packaging of Signature Select Ginger Ale 12-pack, caffeine-free, flavored with other natural flavors

5.This tomato paste that everyone should have on hand and is a versatile addition to any dish.

Can of Signature Select Tomato Paste with product details and brand logo

6.These old-fashioned oats to level up your overnight oats game in the most delicious way possible.

Container of Signature Select branded whole grain oat cereal, highlighting that it's a good fiber source

7.A 24-pack of bottled water for your "in case of emergency" stock or just to have for on-the-go hydration.

Pack of 24 Refreshe bottled water with minerals added for taste

8.This hazelnut-and-chocolate-flavored spread to snag a few spoonfuls for the ultimate sweet treat.

Jar of Signature Select Hazelnut Chocolate Spread against a plain background

9.This sweet and salty mix that's so yummy, you'll make multiple trips to the pantry for a handful.

Jar of Signature Select Sweet & Salty Chili Crunch trail mix on white background

10.And finally, an honorable mention — a value pack of bath tissue — because nothing's worse than running out of TP when you need it most.

Pack of Signature Soft & Strong toilet tissue, Mega 380-sheet 30 rolls, Family Pack