For Resort 2025, Kallmeyer Translates Nostalgia Into Authenticity

Daniella Kallmeyer is once again throwing a party, returning with her Café Kallmeyer concept and a nostalgic collection.

Resort 2025’s Café partners with female-led Raf’s restaurant, which provided a menu of reimagined lunchables (think caviar on a potato chip). The light bites set a nostalgic mood, and Kallmeyer is leaning in.

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Over the past few seasons alongside her well-documented suiting, pants and knitwear, she has crafted several singular outerwear pieces that feel vintage; hero pieces with a story that feels one-of-a-kind. This season, it’s a distressed leather jacket with patina that brims with authenticity, imbued with a lived in “real” feeling, a core tenant of her work every season that she explored even more deeply for resort.

Tailoring includes hand drawn pinstripes, vests, a mix of covetable pants and new short-sleeve T-shirts styled over a long-sleeve T-shirt with contrasting color stories — a bit skater girl, but luxe. A black sheer top as a layering piece, a scarf that ties perfectly over the shoulder, mimicking a sweater — there is whimsy here, but a Chloë Sevigny, downtown, uber cool, nonchalant-type whimsy. It’s the Kallmeyer way. The rich, neutral palette has pops of pink and yellow on separates to round it all out.

“A lot of [previous collections] ended up manifesting in pieces made so that we would be taken seriously; there was an element of that where we took suiting and we made it comfortable or easy or wearable,” the proudly queer designer explained of her previous purposeful work and how it fit her community. Resort is an evolution that sees her push into new feelings of casual, playful and hints of sexy. “This is all I need to be in order to present as like, my best self,” she said of the energy she wants her latest work to take on. “It’s feeling so personal because the most casual place is where you’re the most comfortable. The place where you feel proud.”

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Launch Gallery: Kallmeyer Resort 2025 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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