A Reporter Captured The Exact Moment The Power Went Out During Hurricane Idalia: "One Of The Best Timed Shots I've Ever Seen"

Hurricane Idalia made landfall as a major category 3 storm this morning.

Hurricane #Idalia making landfall in the Big Bend Area this morning with catastrophic storm surge. Surge concerns will continue along the west coast even though is pulling away from our area. Highest surge will be around the time of high tide this afternoon hours. Remain alert!⚠️ pic.twitter.com/kl8VmpJDjA

— NWS Tampa Bay (@NWSTampaBay) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @NWSTampaBay

The videos coming out of the big bend region of Florida are pretty intense to say the least!

Water as far as the eye can see! #Idalia Cedar Key, FL pic.twitter.com/7D6rXfMMax

— Jim Cantore (@JimCantore) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @JimCantore

We're talking record storm surge.

A RECORD 6.9 foot storm surge in Cedar Key, FL. Surrounded by water as expected. #UOF #idalia pic.twitter.com/o1ugmxyA0R

— Jim Cantore (@JimCantore) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @JimCantore

One video of a reporter capturing the exact moment the power went out in Chiefland, Florida is spreading online:

One of the best timed live shots I've seen 😟 #HurricaneIdalia #Idalia #poweroutage This is our Capital reporter covering storm conditions in Chiefland. pic.twitter.com/pbfBYQBRmu

— Elizabeth Copeland (@EKCopelandwx) August 30, 2023

ABC 27 Twitter: @EKCopelandwx

One minute he's talking about the storm...

"Forrest Saunders" in the middle of the storm
ABC 27

...the next he's in total darkness.

A reporter in the dark
ABC 27

"You just saw the power go off; if you can't see me, I apologize," he said.

A reporter in the dark
ABC 27

This particular reporter is usually on the politics beat, and after the incident, he tweeted this:

I prefer a political tempest https://t.co/SU22lwcmbb

— Forrest Saunders (@FBSaunders) August 30, 2023

ABC 27/ Twitter: @FBSaunders