Massage gun with over 6,000 5 star reviews: 'Packs a punch'

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Woman using a massage gun
A massage gun can help ease your weary muscles after a workout. Photo: Getty Images

Whether you’re a gym bunny or a more casual exerciser, we all experience tired and sore muscles after a particularly tough session. 

You can stretch and foam roll when that happens, but sometimes it just doesn’t quite get out a particularly tough knot or sore spot.

Roll in, the Renpho Massage Gun, the answer to those aching muscle problems.

This Renpho portable massage gun from Amazon
This massage gun is small but hardy, with heaps of reviews talking about how it packs a powerful punch. Source: Amazon

RENPHO Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Portable Massager Gun, $159.99

Renpho is a popular health tech brand that offers a range of massagers and scales. 

This massage gun is an upgraded revamp of their R3 Mini Massage Gun, weighing only 700 grams!

It’s designed to give you an intensive, deep-tissue massage to relieve your throbbing muscles. 

It can help with chronic pain, post-exercise soreness or just for a daily relaxing pick me up. 

Regularly using a massage gun allows you to relieve stress, increases blood circulation and releases lactic acid build-up. 

As well as speed-healing your sore muscles to make you fighting fit for your next workout, using the massage gun can also make your joints more flexible.


It comes with five detachable heads to target different muscle groups and can do five speeds up to the highest speed of 3200rpm. 

Because it’s so lightweight and portable, you can take it with you to the gym, your office, or wherever you’d like to.

The massage gun has racked up over 6,000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, and an overwhelming enthusiasm for the massage gun by happy customers.

“Love this little thing. It’s easy to use and packs a punch!” said one review.

“This massage gun does what I want and more.” commented another

“It sure does pack a punch for how small it is.” said a third customer.

We’ve also rounded up some of our picks for other quality, affordable massage guns:

The ALDOM Massage Gun from Amazon
Massage guns help to relax you, work out tough knots and muscles, and promotes flexibility and blood flow. Source: Amazon

ALDOM Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Muscle Massager, $109.99

This deep tissue gun comes with six detachable heads and can power up to 30 different speeds, meaning you can customise the pressure to however your muscles are feeling that day. 

The LCD touch screen makes it super easy to use and clearly displays the battery level and current speed.

RENPHO Massage Gun with Adjustable Arm from Amazon
The funky design is perfect for your mid and upper back, places typically hard to get to without straining your arm or elbow. Source: Amazon

RENPHO Massage Gun with Adjustable Arm, R4 Percussion Back Massager Gun, $149.99

Another variation from the RENPHO brand is this percussive massage gun. 

The ergonomic handle and adjustable head mean it can be used to target those hard to reach muscles, specifically in your back, without straining your wrist.

This foldable massage gun from Amazon
This foldable massage gun allows you to reach tricky spots and carry it around with you. Source: Amazon

Foldable Massage Gun, Portable Mini Fascia Gun, $129.99

Taking portable to a whole new level! This nifty little gadget folds right down for easy transportation. 

The way it can fold to 45 or 90 degrees also helps it reach tricky spots, like in between your shoulder blades.

B & G Portable Massage Gun from Amazon
With six massage gun heads to choose from, you can directly target your body muscle of choice. Source: Amazon

B & G Portable Massage Gun, Handheld Electric Body Muscle Massager, $99.99

This funky green massage gun comes with a whopping 22 speeds programmed into it, with up to 10mm depth of vibration. 

It has a smart sensor built-in that automatically adjusts the gun’s strength to suit your body.

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