Refrigerate Condiments To Avoid Illness (And Being Roasted Online)

Mustard and mayo on a store shelf
Mustard and mayo on a store shelf - Brandon Bell/Getty

Ever opened a condiment like relish or honey mustard for the first time and then wondered what to do next? Most packages are labeled with something along the lines of "keep refrigerated after opening" if you're meant to keep it cold, but it seems like some people don't want to listen to that recommendation. It kind of makes sense -- why refrigerate condiments that you didn't buy in the refrigerated section of the grocery store -- but not keeping your condiments cold can actually be dangerous for both your health and your social reputation.

In a viral TikTok video with over 200,000 likes, the video creator calls out his mother for everything that he claims she doesn't keep refrigerated after opening, and if you have a sensitive stomach, it might make you queasy to watch. The video's creator starts by showing minced garlic then we see pickled eggs, pizza sauce, multiple bottles of ketchup, mayo, and even a variety of cheeses left unrefrigerated. Users in the comments felt no hesitation in roasting the mother for her choices. One commented, "This is why I don't eat at other people's houses." Although some commenters did point out that they noticed condensation droplets on the jar of pizza sauce, so who knows, maybe the food had been refrigerated and this creator is setting his mother up to be roasted.

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What Needs To Be Refrigerated To Avoid Online Ridicule (And Illness)?

Condiments on grocery store shelves
Condiments on grocery store shelves - Dan Dalton/Getty

The veracity of the video aside, most of the food the creator claims his mother leaves out in the open can cause health issues if not stored properly. Even if you're not personally worried about the consequences, your friends and family might not be as willing to eat dinner at your place if they see you storing open food in your cabinets. Items like ketchup, chili sauce, horseradish, mustard, and pickles must be refrigerated after opening.


In the comments of the now-viral video, many also pointed out minced garlic's connection to botulism if stored improperly. According to the CDC, botulism is extremely dangerous and can lead to death, so it's nothing to mess around with. To avoid botulism and other health issues, the USDA recommends storing this type of garlic product -- any garlic stored in oil -- under 40 degrees F and says it should only be kept for a week if made at home. Garlic isn't the only food that could be harboring dangerous spores so it's important to be informed about which of your food items need to be refrigerated to avoid both serious illness and being labeled as a social deviant.

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