Ree Drummond Stirs Up Quite the Commotion With Her Plans for Wedding ‘Do Over’

Ree Drummond is reflecting on her wedding day, and in doing so, noting some changes she'd make if she could have a "do over."

The Pioneer Woman took to Instagram on Sunday, June 9 to show off a bit of her garden—a bunch of healthy greens, in particular.

But she wasn't using the moment to highlight how well her plants were growing. Instead, the TV personality was pointing out how she'd include many things associated with living the ranch life in a wedding ceremony if she had to opportunity to do it again.

"If I had my wedding to do over again, this would be my bridal bouquet," she wrote, adding, "And in flutes I’d serve ranch instead of champagne. Cherry tomatoes, not pearls would adorn my earlobes."

She wrapped up with a not-so-subtle hint to her husband of nearly three decades: "Time for a vow renewal, Ladd!!!"

The somewhat unconventional admission caused a wealth of commotion amongst her social media followers, many of whom quickly jumped into the comment section of the post to either agree with the "pretty good idea" or add even more suggestions of their own.

"I’ll be there in my cauliflower hat, squash blossom necklace holding a flute of ranch!" one proclaimed, while another joked, "'Lettuce' pronounce you man & wife 🥬 😂."

"I’ll be your maid of honor with a handful of carrots and radishes," a third suggested, while someone else dubbed her vow renewal aspirations a "pretty good idea."

"Love this so much. 🌿," yet another comment read.

Others, instead, simply complimented her "beautiful lettuce."

Drummond's wedding re-do ideas don't seem to be too far fetched, and may even be all in perfect timing for planning purposes, as the couple will celebrate 30 years of marriage on Sept. 21, 2026.

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