Ree Drummond Reveals Husband Ladd’s Cowboy Breakfast Routine

Ree Drummond dishes on her husband Ladd's go-to cowboy breakfast. ABOVE: Ree Drummond appears on the 'TODAY' show.

Ree Drummond is putting her husband Ladd's breakfast routine on full blast.

It all started when The Pioneer Woman star documented a recent breakfast she made her husband and the rest of his cowboy crew for fans on Instagram.

"Breakfast Burritos for Cowboys: A Love Story. I sliced sausage, browned sausage, and grated cheese last night. Saved me 28 whole minutes of sleep this morning!" she quipped in the caption of her May 22 upload.

It was then that fans got to thinking about the ranchers and their eating habits. One, in particular, wanted to know what time the Food Network personality gets up to feed the group of early risers–and her answer may surprise you.

"I know they get up very early for work," the Instagram user wrote, asking, "What time do they have breakfast?"

To which the 55-year-old replied, "Ladd got up at 3:45, and I delivered this at 10:15. So it was basically like supper at that point. 😜," she joked.

This prompted another fan on social media to ask, "Does he eat anything before he goes out there?"

The TV personality didn't hold back her candid nature, telling the viewer: "No, just a Dr Pepper! 🤠."

Her answer drew several relatively positive responses, as fans of the food writer and cookbook author seemed impressed that such an unbalanced breakfast could sustain her cowboy husband for several hours.

"Always the right choice! 😉," one declared of his soda-for-breakfast diet.

"He needs to figure out how to put a cup holder on the saddle," another joked.

Many others simply left hysterical laughing emojis.

While a single Dr Pepper is enough for Ladd, it's certainly not recommended for breakfast, let alone as a meal replacement. That said, for those needing a little inspiration, Parade has assembled an entire list of easy, healthy breakfast options for people on the go.

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