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Red Rooster launches new menu item for a limited time only

It's a mix of sweet, sour and crunchy.

Red Rooster has launched a new mouth-watering menu item: Sweet and Sour crunch fried chicken and it's available now.

In the past year, the eatery has had rave reviews for the new items on its menu; hot honey fried chicken and Reds Hot Spicy have both had customers drooling.

Now their newest treat is here and it's made with Red Rooster's fried chicken and Sweet and Sour sauce. Described as the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, it's an updated take on the retro classic.

Red Rooster Sweet and Sour crunch meal.
Sweet and Sour Crunch fried chicken is available at Red Rooster now. Photo: Supplied

The sweet and sour treat is available now for a limited time only. You can find it in Red Rooster restaurants nationally, and it can be ordered via Drive Thru, Dine In, Take Away and Delivery.

Sweet and Sour Crunch is available in single, six, 12 or 18-piece packs. It also comes with a three-piece Satisfryer pack including small chips, regular mash and gravy, one pineapple fritter and a 375ml drink.

If you're catering for a bigger group, the Crunch Pack is ideal; it includes eight pieces of chicken, a large crunchy slaw, large mash, gravy and a 1.2L drink.


Red Rooster has been operating in Australia for nearly 50 years, specialising in roast and fried chicken. Over the past year they've been concentrating on innovating their menu, as well as refurbishing their restaurants and redesigning their uniforms.

Red Rooster Sweet and Sour Crunch fried chicken.
The Sweet and Sour Crunch fried chicken is on menus now for a limited time. Photo: Supplied

Red Rooster is run as a national network of franchises, so each restaurant is an individual small business owned and operated by a local, and employing other locals.

Each franchise supports charities and sponsorships to help give back to the community.

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