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Red Lobster server divides TikTok after sharing how much she makes in tips for one night of work: 'It baffles me'

With salary transparency becoming more and more common now, people are starting to use TikTok as a way to share just how much (or how little) they’re making in their current jobs.

But when a restaurant server at Red Lobster recently opened up about how much she brings home in tips, it sparked an interesting discussion among people who were both impressed and appalled by what she was paid.

Like most restaurant servers, Jasmine Anderson (@jasminepaints79) relies heavily on tips when she’s at work. So, after a recent Friday night, she sat down to total up just how much she made from a 6-hour shift that included 20 tables and over $1,500 in sales.

As Anderson holds up a stack of receipts from her tables, she begins to run through the tip counts.

On one bill, totaling $111, customers tipped her $18 for her service, which works out to just 16% of the bill. However, that was better than another table that racked up $115 in food and beverages but left her absolutely nothing. On an $83 bill, she received $6.79 (an 8% tip), while a $186 bill earned her $10 (a 5% tip).

To be fair, there were also some decent tips mixed in there, like the $29 tip she got for a $94 bill (a 30% tip) and a $108 bill that earned her $20 (an 18% tip).

When all was said and done, Anderson walked away with $209 in tips, which works out to about $30 an hour. And if you’re wondering what she thought about that, she happily says at the end of the clip, “I can’t complain for six hours [of work].”

In the comments, however, opinions ran the gamut.

Some thought it was a pretty decent takeaway, considering she also makes an hourly wage (though the exact amount of that wasn’t shared).

“I have to say honestly that is good for one day’s work,” one commenter wrote. “you won’t make that in just one day work in retail.”

“That’s more than bank tellers make in my area!” another person shared. “Most jobs are $12/hr or less. If you get $15+ you’re one of the lucky ones!”

“You made more in tips in 6 hours than I do as an RN in 6,” someone else wrote.

But a ton of commenters thought the tips she got on each individual bill left a lot to be desired.

“Wow, I thought I got tipped bad at my job….this is depressing,” one person commented.

“It baffles me how people don’t know how to tip,” added someone else.

“not great money for the sales. I’m sorry,” yet another person noted.

Despite the many negative comments, however, there were plenty of people who pointed out that walking away with any amount of extra cash (especially in this economy) is a bonus and not a guarantee.

“I was a waiter & restaurant manager for years and I always told my staff that tips are given for your service,” one person shared. “NEVER expect a tip for just showing up!”

“sometimes people go to eat at a restaurant just for a change but with limited funds,” another person said. “if you have a hourly pay + any amount of tip, that should be [enough].”

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