Fed Up Job Seekers Are Sharing The Most Ridiculous Things They've Seen In The Application Process, And I'm Sorry, But The System Is Broken

If you're currently looking for a job, then you know that it's ROUGH out there right now. The "ghost jobs," the unprofessional recruiters, the lack of pay transparency...it's all pretty horrific.

"I hate it!"

For all my fed-up job seekers wishing to feel seen, here are 17 screenshots that prove it's not all in your head:

1.This job that straight up LIED about being remote:

"Candidates would have to be interested in relocating to the area"

2.This job that expected applicants to not only share their personal budget, but also wanted to interview their spouse (creepy):

"Spousal Interview"

3.This job that asked a very unnecessary and very unhinged question:

"chatting up the dog"

4.This job that wants to know what you keep in your refrigerator:

"Photo of the inside of your fridge"

5.This job that wanted applicants to make a video explaining what they do when they're...not at work:

"Please record yourself introducing yourself and telling us how you like to spend your weekends."

6.This job that wanted candidates to "briefly" write a full essay on their application:

"This is for an entry-level position"

7.This job that required applicants to already own a $2,000 laptop:

"A Mac laptop as we operate a BYOA(pple) policy"

8.This job that did not even try:

"insert skills we need but the candidate lacks"

9.This recruiter who accidentally sent this internal email to the person they planned to reject:

"lives far and looking for unrealstic income for this postion"

10.This job that expects you to have a PhD on top of a "hacker mindset" (give me a break):

"Minimum at least a PHD in linguistics"

11.This job that said, "Pay transparency? I don't know her":


12.This job that thinks it's perfectly reasonable to ask someone to work 30–40 hours a week for FREE:

"this is an unpaid position."

13.This recruiter who really tried to play dumb:

"Company, salary, location, possibility of remote..."
"My expectations are that you will provide a salary range."

14.This job that's weirdly preoccupied with the kind of pets their applicants have:

"Do you have any of the below listed animals in your household?"

15.This job that's definitely not a scam:

"what is your social security number"

16.This recruiter that blatantly asked if they could underpay someone:

"We have a narrow salary range for this role."

17.And finally, this job that totally outed itself as a toxic and harmful environment:

"Explain below how you can prioritize this job above all aspects of your life right now?"

H/T: r/recruitinghell