Rebel Wilson’s X-rated joke cut from BBC broadcast

Rebel Wilson had plenty of people talking after she hosted the BAFTAs this weekend, but one of her more out-there jokes apparently never made it to air.

The 42-year-old reportedly made a joke about Daniel Craig and his 007 role that was heard by the audience but actually cut from the BBC broadcast.

Rebel Wilson hosting the baftas
Rebel Wilson had plenty of people talking after she hosted the BAFTAs. Photo: BBC

According to The Sun, Rebel showed off a fake tattoo on her leg that resembled the Bond star.

"It looks like the word LOO – but I know which I would rather sit on," she reportedly quipped.

During her opening monologue for the EE British Academy Film Awards, she also poked fun at the ongoing speculation surrounding who the new James Bond would be.

"Now I know there’s been a lot of speculation about who’s going to be the next James Bond, and I know there might be some people in the audience tonight hoping that it might be them," she said.

"But fellas, hold on to your martinis, because (Bond producers) the Broccolis have let me announce it, here and now. This is a scoop, OK....

"I’m proud to announce that the new James Bond … will be me."

rebel wilson james bond
She reportedly showed off a Bond tattoo and made an X-rated joke about Daniel Craig. Photos: Getty/AAP

It wasn't her only crude joke of the evening either.

"You guys might be like, why is Rebel Wilson hosting the BAFTAs, isn’t she Australian?" she said at one point.

"Yes, I come from the bush. If you think about it, don’t we all?"

Who knows if there was anything else that didn't actually make it to air.

Rebel Wilson attends the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. Fashion and Film Party 2022
The star also spoke about her transformation on stage. Photo: Getty

During the awards ceremony Rebel Wilson also divided opinion on social media after making a joke about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While introducing Emilia Jones, star of CODA, a film about a child of deaf parents, Rebel explained that there were two interpreters on stage, one for American Sign Language and one for British.

Putting her middle finger up, she added, "Luckily, though, in all sign languages, this is the gesture for Putin."

The joke went down very well with the audience, with many of the celebs in attendance making statements of solidarity with Ukraine after the county was invaded by Russia.

But while some viewers thought Rebel's joke was hilarious, there were also some who were less than impressed.

"The host just gave Putin the middle finger. Why must the BBC (and all media, frankly) be so utterly biased and political, constantly? It’s an awards ceremony ffs!"

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