Rebel Wilson says member of Royal family invited her to lose virginity in drug-fuelled orgy

Rebel Wilson has claimed she almost lost her virginity in a drug-fuelled orgy with a member of the Royal family.

Writing in her memoir Rebel Rising, the actor said she was invited to a “tech billionaire’s party” at a huge ranch “just outside LA” by an unnamed Royal who was “fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne”.

Wilson, best known for Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, said that she did not realise the medieval-themed party was an orgy until 2am when a tray of “molly”, the slang term for MDMA, was passed around.

The actor, who documents her experiences as a “late bloomer” having remained a virgin until she was 35 years old, explained the invite was extended by a male friend who had been informed by the Royal that the party was in desperate need of “more girls”.

Keen to finally get some action, Wilson recounted how she tried to make herself as physically appealing as possible.

“I watch the British royal flounder around whilst I continuously hike up my boobs. They are my best physical asset,” she recalls.

“There’s a huge private fireworks display and then all of a sudden, it’s two a.m.”

Wilson continued: “A guy comes out with a large tray piled with what looks like a ton of candy. I’m like, ‘Ooooh, is that candy?’ and the guy holding the tray says, “No, this is the molly.’

“He says, ‘Oh, it’s for the orgy . . . it’s about to start . . . the orgies normally start at these things about this time.’”

Rebel Wilson claims she felt ‘sexually harassed’ by Sacha Baron Cohen on Grimsby (Doug Peters/PA) (PA Archive)
Rebel Wilson claims she felt ‘sexually harassed’ by Sacha Baron Cohen on Grimsby (Doug Peters/PA) (PA Archive)

As a then-virgin, Wilson unsurprisingly felt very much out of her depth, and she suddenly understood why the unidentified member of “The Firm” was so keen to invite more women to the party last minute.

She continued: “Now the comment by the Windsor about needing more girls started to make a lot more sense.

“They weren’t talking about a boy-girl ratio like it was a year-eight disco. They were talking about an ORGY!

“So I’m like two minutes away from being in an orgy... for my first sexual experience!”

Wilson began to search for her non-Royal friend, admitting that she was looking “for help” with the unexpected situation she’d found herself in – but she was unable to find him.

While the actor considered returning to her designated room at the lavish party, she ultimately decided against it in case she walked into a pile of heaving bodies.

So, she simply ran away.

She recalled: “I also get this weird feeling that maybe all this is being filmed by hidden cameras – but that’s just a gut instinct.

 (Grimsby/Sony Pictures)
(Grimsby/Sony Pictures)

“Needless to say, I hike up my damsel dress and run out of there as fast as I can – not looking back for fear I’ll witness some insane centipede of tech guys and Hollywood wispies around the fire pit.

“Some of my friends have subsequently told me that I should’ve just tried the orgy. But that would’ve been like going from zero to a thousand.” Rebel told PEOPLE that she is hoping that by speaking candidly about her experiences in her memoir, young people will feel less pressure to lose their virginity at an early age.

“People can wait till they’re ready or wait till they’re a bit more mature,” she said. “And I think that could be a positive message. You obviously don’t have to wait until you’re in your thirties like me, but you shouldn’t feel pressure as a young person.”

The actress admitted that she’d previously lied and said she lost her virginity at the age of 23 – and even then people acted like that was old.

She explained: “There was one vague time, I think I told my best friend, ‘Oh, yeah, I just did it to just get it over with when I was like 23.’ Just to really avoid the questions.

“And then the people said, ‘Oh, at 24, it’s so late.’ And then I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Oh my God, my number’s 35. What the hell? I’m going to look like the biggest loser.’”