What Reba McEntire Really Eats In A Day

Reba McEntire smiling
Reba McEntire smiling - Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Country music star Reba McEntire released her very first single in 1976, and music has never been the same. Her powerful and distinct voice has blared from our television sets to the radios in our cars for over 40 years, bringing in countless fans worldwide, a slew of musical awards, and a title as "The Queen of Country." While there's no denying that the red-headed singer is an absolute titan in the music world, Reba has also had a notable career in the film and TV industry. From voice acting to starring and supporting roles to becoming a reality television star most recently on "The Voice," it often feels like Reba McEntire is everywhere.

She hardly seems to have slowed down as far as her raging career, and we can't help but wonder ... how does she do it? How does she stay healthy and energetic enough to appear so regularly and glamorously in front of her multitude of fans? Considering what you put into your body plays such a major role in your overall health, we have to ask ourselves: What has Reba been eating all these years while dominating the entertainment industry? We did a little digging on the celebrated country singer to find out. Here's what Reba McEntire really eats in a day.

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Fruits And Vegetables

Reba eating slice of strawberry cake
Reba eating slice of strawberry cake - Reba McEntire / Facebook

There's no denying it; fruits and vegetables are good for the human body. They're hydrating, chock-full of nutrients, and lower your risk for chronic conditions such as heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends four to five servings of each a day, but sadly, many people in the United States fall short of this marker. Reba McEntire, however, is reportedly not one of them.

In a 2015 interview with WebMD (via Outsider), Reba spoke about her strategies for staying healthy and in shape. Besides staying mobile by walking, stretching daily, and doing sit-ups, she admitted to striving for healthy eating, which includes getting her daily dose of fruits and greens. This is hardly the only interview in which Reba has cited consuming veggies and fruits for weight loss, and it seems that even when she's indulging, she's focusing on sliding in some fresh plant nutrition.

"Fruit is so healthy!" she declared (jokingly or not) on her Facebook page in 2016, smiling alongside a gigantic slice of cake covered top to bottom in fresh strawberry slices. While this may be a rather indulgent way of getting in one of your daily servings of fruit, balance is key, after all. Can we really blame her for enjoying an amazing-looking chunk of dessert when there's fresh fruit involved? We don't think so.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches, On Rough Days

Reba's peanut butter sandwich dinner
Reba's peanut butter sandwich dinner - Reba McEntire / Facebook

Who doesn't love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? With carbohydrates from the bread, protein from the peanut butter, and a hint of sugar from the spreadable jam, the classic American sandwich makes for a filling and pretty well-rounded meal. But is it well-rounded enough to be considered a dinner entree? Apparently yes for singer Reba McEntire.

In a 2015 Facebook post, the star uploaded a photo of an opened can of pork and beans, a container of green olives, a beer, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a bite taken out of it. "Don't be jealous," the description reads, "And don't judge me! I had a rough day." This was followed up with a smiley-face emoji -- the perfect ending to a post that so many of the responding users found refreshingly real. "It's nice to see someone else having a bad day that grabs what's in front of them," reads one of the comments, and we have to say, we concur with the sentiment. The idea that the Queen of Country can throw together a quick, simple sandwich just like the rest of us is rather reassuring.


sliced ginger root closeup
sliced ginger root closeup - siriratsavett/Shutterstock

The root of the Zingiber officinale plant, otherwise known as ginger, contains an incredible number of health benefits. It helps fight against gas, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms, while its high levels of antioxidants help slow down cell breakdown. There are even theories that it may have anti-inflammatory properties, which could ease the symptoms associated with arthritis. Though this last claim may admittedly require additional research, country singer Reba is a believer in the potent root's extensive benefits, making great use of the ingredient as she ages.

"Ginger is good for everything!" she expressed in an interview with First For Women. "We do a lot of smoothies with ginger, protein powder, vitamins, carrots, and beets. The benefit is quick; you don't have to wait for a pill that's in your stomach to dissolve. Smoothies absorb quickly and leave me feeling great." It seems that Reba has both convinced and inspired us. Pardon us while we go whip up a quick, ginger-based smoothie and take in all the benefits the magical root has to offer.

Mexican Food

Mexican rolled burritos
Mexican rolled burritos - Burke/triolo Productions/Getty Images

Quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, salsas, tortilla chips, refried beans ... these Mexican-style foods are enough to make anyone's mouth water, and Reba McEntire is no exception. While the singer sticks to a fairly clean diet most of the time, she enjoys a good cheat day every bit as much as the next person. In an interview with People, she stated that Mexican food was her number-one choice for a decadent meal. "I love Mexican food," she stated, going on to reference chips, salsa, guacamole, and chicken enchiladas specifically.

Reba doesn't only get her Mexican food kick when she dines out; as a gifted home cook, she often prepares her very own spicy, flavorful, Southwestern-style meals at home. Among the celebrated dishes is her Mexican cornbread, one of her favorite foods to prepare for a Sunday meal, she told Parade. "I make a bean dish with turkey meat and corn and green beans and pinto beans, and then I make a Mexican cornbread, which is kind of spicy. I love that, and if you put a little fried potatoes in there and a big old glass of iced tea, I'm a happy camper." We can see why. The whole description has our mouths watering ... especially the idea of pairing Mexican spice with the sweetness of traditional Southern-style baked cornbread.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel chickin n' dumplins meal
Cracker Barrel chickin n' dumplins meal - Cracker Barrel

Seeing as Reba McEntire was born and raised in Oklahoma, it stands to reason that she would hold a fair amount of love for Cracker Barrel, which serves traditional Southern-style comfort foods like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. In an interview with People magazine, she confirmed this warm feeling for the celebrated home-style restaurant chain when she spoke about her business partnership with the company.

"It's feel-good food," she commented, referencing her well-publicized dedication to healthy eating. "Probably not a place you go when you're on a diet, but I always find something to eat there no matter what my weight level. If I'm doing really good, I can have the chicken and dumplings. And if not, I'll have the veggie plate." Reba's clothing line, Rockin' R Reba, was made available at Cracker Barrel stores across the nation back in 2016, so we're sure she's enjoyed her fair share of meals at the country-style chain since the business pair-up began. And while the Cracker Barrel Country Veggie Plate is to die for, we hope she's been able to dine on the Chicken n' Dumplins at least a time or two during her visits, as well.

Sonic #1 Cheeseburger With Tater Tots On The Side

Sonic tater tots
Sonic tater tots - Sonic Drive-In / Facebook

Everyone on Earth has a specific fast food weakness. Maybe it's a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich or a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. But Reba's absolute favorite fast food indulgence comes from -- wait for it -- Sonic Drive-In. The classic drive-thru-style burger chain houses the Queen of Country's ultimate fast food favorite; a selection so highly coveted, that the singer claims it is the one thing she would choose to eat before she died.

During a question-and-answer session with Country Music Television, Reba selected a card asking: "What is your death row meal?" Without skipping a beat, the star answered: "Sonic #1 cheeseburger. No onions, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, whatever." She paused briefly for effect, smiled, and looked directly into the camera as she finished: "Pickles, and tater tots."

This is hardly the first time Reba has called out Sonic for its deliciousness. In an interview on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," when asked about a recipe for tater tots, Reba answered: "You get in your car, and you put it in reverse. Get out of the garage and drive down the road and you find your nearest Sonic ... Pull into one of them little slots and you push that red button and you say, 'Can I have me some tater tots?'" The cheeky comment made the audience howl, and likely, begin craving some Sonic tater tots too.

Salmon And Tuna Steaks For Omega-3s

seasoned salmon with lemon
seasoned salmon with lemon - Alle12/Getty Images

Omega-3 fatty acids come from nuts, seeds, plant, and fish oils, and have been shown to lower blood pressure, keep plaque build-up in the arteries at bay, contribute to the maintenance of healthy heart rhythm, and help with the avoidance of a stroke. Given these potentially life-saving benefits -- and, the fact that our bodies cannot produce omega-3s on their own -- it's safe to say many of us could do with working a little bit more into our diets. Reba, however, is already reportedly a step ahead.

Outsider reported that in her 2015 conversation with WebMD regarding her living and eating habits, the country singer commented that omega-3s were an important part of her diet -- and that salmon and supplements were her main sources. McEntire is also a self-professed fan of tuna steaks (another great source of omega-3s), admitting that though beef steaks were served extremely frequently in the Southern community where she was raised, she often opts for lighter, heart-healthy grilled fish slabs as an adult.

But whether it be consumed in salmon, tuna, or capsule form, Reba's vivaciousness and heaping amounts of energy seem to be evidence enough that the superstar is getting the fatty acids she needs to live and perform at maximum efficiency. Now that we're properly inspired, let's all take a moment to add some fish to our shopping list for the coming week, shall we?

Coconut Water

Reba's coconut water
Reba's coconut water - Reba McEntire / Facebook

Let's face it; our bodies need water, and a whole lot of it. Around 50 to 70 % of our body weight comes from the life-giving liquid, so adequate water intake is associated with the normal function of all the body's organs, tissues, and cells. In addition, proper water intake has been linked to skin vitality as we age, resulting in fewer wrinkles and visible marks such as scars, as well as better elasticity. One can hardly look at Reba McEntire without acknowledging the beautiful glow her skin maintains. We wonder ... could this be due to her water intake?

It's very likely. In her 2015 WebMD interview, the singer reportedly divulged that water intake was an important part of her lifestyle and that her secret for staying hydrated included consuming both aloe vera juice and coconut water. Coconut water is as hydrating as regular water but contains several nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and antioxidants. It seems that McEntire even managed to get her mom on board with the healthy beverage. "I can't get my mama to drink enough water," the singer posted to her social media pages in 2014, finishing with: "But she loves coconut water. So for those of you who don't like to drink water, try this. It's very hydrating." Given Reba's vitality and stunning complexion, we don't think she will have any problem convincing people to give it a go.

KFC On Occasion

Reba eating KFC
Reba eating KFC - Reba McEntire / X, formerly known as Twitter

Given Reba's seeming steadfast dedication to clean eating, this one may come as a bit of a surprise. Then again, seeing as the country music star became the first-ever cast female Colonel Sanders during a string of television ads for the fast food chain back in 2018, maybe not. People reports that when asked by KFC to take on the Colonel's role and don the white beard, Reba replied with enthusiasm saying, "Who wouldn't want to be the Colonel Sanders?" As she commented to reporters during the 2018 Grammy Awards, "... I'd grown up with Kentucky Fried Chicken all my life. I loved it."

This nostalgic love seems to have carried on into her adult years. Even though Reba may strive for a balanced diet most of the time, it doesn't mean she doesn't still maintain an appreciation for a delicious batch of Southern-style fried chicken cutlets. This is evidenced by a 2022 post by McEntire on X, formerly known as Twitter, that had fans rolling with laughter. "Winner winner chicken tender!!!" reads the description above a photo of the singer decked out in a fabulous sparkling jumpsuit and high heels ... all while holding a very recognizable plastic container full of fried chicken. We hope that scrumptious-looking basket of presumed KFC gave you all the energy and lifted spirits you needed to perform, Reba.

Cornbread ... Especially With Pinto Beans

beans and cornbread
beans and cornbread - Lynne Ann Mitchell/Shutterstock

Reba's love of food is no secret. Her original recipes have been circulating for years, and in 2023, she released her very own book titled, "Not That Fancy." While the New York Times bestseller features stories about McEntire's life and music and countless incredible photographs giving glimpses into her incredible journey, it also includes plenty of her favorite recipes. Creative cheeses and homemade burger descriptions can be found on the pages of the bestseller, but Reba declares one recipe in particular as the winner of the bunch.

Any certified Southerner knows that a good old-fashioned family meal calls for cornbread. And Reba, an Oklahoma native through and through, certainly knows how to set the table for a collective get-together with her made-famous homemade pinto beans and cornbread. "This is hands-down my favorite food," she says in the book under the instructions for the feel-good dish. "I've loved pinto beans and cornbread forever. And I still love them. This is the 'fancy' version we make at the restaurant, but you don't need a fancy occasion to enjoy them." She is, of course, referring to her restaurant Reba's Place, where the dish has been on the menu in the past. But those not local to Atoka, Oklahoma, where the restaurant is planted, can now partake in one of the star's favorite foods thanks to "Not That Fancy." We might just have to hit "add to cart" on this book ourselves.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Reba cooking and sweet potato pie split image
Reba cooking and sweet potato pie split image - Nadki/Shutterstock & Reba McEntire / Facebook

Google the words, "Reba McEntire sweet potato," and you'll immediately get a slew of hits for a recipe officially titled, "Reba McEntire's Praline Sweet Potato Casserole." The relatively simple and sweet baked side dish or dessert put forth by the superstar is one of her most-searched and well-known original dishes, and really, it's not too surprising considering McEntire's love for the food itself. According to Country Living, Reba unapologetically names sweet potatoes as the superior Thanksgiving side dish. Given her traditional Southern roots, it isn't too hard to conceive.

Sweet potatoes are overwhelmingly more popular in the Southern states than in the Northern ones, given the vegetable's need for a warmer environment to flourish. Therefore, we have to give Reba some credit for using her global platform to share what's generally considered a regional dish with the rest of the world. Part of the beauty of food is our naturally-driven desire to share it with others, and the way that it brings and binds people together. Celebrities, given the extent to which the public looks up to them, can be an integral part of this process. In Reba's case, we hope she continues using that incredible voice of hers to spread her love and passion for food to the world.

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