Ready, Set, Clean! 10 Printable Spring Cleaning Checklists to Whip Your House Into Shape

It's officially spring—so, after months of staying inside away from the cold, chances are, you're thinking about tackling your yearly spring cleaning to-do's sooner rather than later. Before you start dreading all of the sweeping, dusting, scrubbing and shining that it'll take to get your whole house in order, look through our list of the 10 best spring cleaning checklists, which can help you get this dirty job done in a snap.

Finding a free printable spring cleaning checklist that best suits your home's needs and works well with your personal cleaning style will not only help you stay on track with your spring cleaning goals, but it'll also help make the job a lot more bearable.

From spring cleaning checklists that will give your home a top-to-bottom thorough clean to options that break up your spring cleaning to-do's into manageable steps you can tackle a little at a time, these 10 free spring cleaning checklists have got you covered.

10 Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklists

1. Make your spring cleaning count by being extra thorough.

<p>Not Quite Susie</p>

Not Quite Susie

When it comes to spring cleaning, getting organized and thinking systematically is a must. You only do this level of deep cleaning once a year, so having an extra thorough spring cleaning checklist, like this one from Not Quite Susie, will help you make sure you hit every spot.

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2. Grab all of your supplies to make spring cleaning easier.

<p>Glitter Guide</p>

Glitter Guide

Having all of the cleaning supplies and tools you need ready and accessible will make your spring cleaning routine go that much more smoothly. This spring cleaning checklist from (the now-defunct site) Glitter Guide will help you get everything in order before you get started, so you won’t have to dig around for the right cleaning products when you're ready to get going!

3. Give your bedroom extra attention during spring cleaning.

<p>Clean & Scentsible</p>

Clean & Scentsible

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary—the place where you go to escape, unwind and get some much-needed zzz's—which is why giving it some extra attention during your spring cleaning routine is essential. This spring cleaning checklist from Clean & Scentsible focuses on your bedroom, so your favorite room in the house will feel fresh and clean in no time!

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4. Deep clean your entire house.

<p>Bless'er House</p>

Bless'er House

Give your whole house a deep clean with the help of this comprehensive spring cleaning checklist from Bless'er House. It even has a few blank spots for write-in tasks, so you can add in any extra spring cleaning to-do's that are unique to your home.

5. Knock out all of your spring cleaning in just an hour a day.

<p>Decluttering Your Life</p>

Decluttering Your Life

Spring cleaning your whole home can feel like an overwhelming task, which is why giving yourself a daily time limit and spreading out your spring cleaning chores over the course of a week can help make it more doable—and keep you from getting unmotivated during the process! This one-hour-a-day week-long spring cleaning checklist from Decluttering Your Life will help you stay on track, so you start seeing results fast.

6. Get your kiddos involved with a spring cleaning checklist for kids.

<p>Fun Happy Home</p>

Fun Happy Home

If you’ve got kids, get them involved with the spring cleaning! To make it more fun, print out this hero-themed spring cleaning checklist for kids from Fun Happy Home. It even includes "donate", "trash" and "sell" labels to help kids sort extra items into the correct piles as they declutter.

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7. Remember that spring cleaning your whole home includes tackling the outside areas, too.

<p>Ask Anna</p>

Ask Anna

<p>Ask Anna</p>

Ask Anna

This totally comprehensive two-page spring cleaning checklist from Ask Anna is for those of you who want to go above and beyond in your spring cleaning routine, since it includes both your yard and garage as part of the checklist. While it's admittedly lot to swallow, we promise it'll be worth it since this is the one major deep clean you'll do all year.

8. Do a little bit of spring cleaning daily until you get the job done.

<p>Lady Decluttered</p>

Lady Decluttered

It can be hard to carve out time to tackle your spring cleaning chores when you have so much else going on! But that's exactly why working in a handful of chores each day—rather than trying to bust through them all in one go—can help make your spring cleaning more doable. This 14-day spring cleaning checklist from Lady Decluttered breaks it down into a reasonable schedule.

9. Pay extra attention to your furniture and appliances during your spring cleaning routine.

<p>Create Craft Love</p>

Create Craft Love

You probably clean the various rooms in your house in bits and pieces throughout the year—from deep cleaning the bathtubs to mopping your floors—but how often do you clean your household appliances or individual furniture pieces? This detailed spring cleaning checklist from Craft Create Love focuses on the areas of your home you might often overlook, like the insides of your oven or the legs of your dining room chairs.

10. Dedicate the whole month to spring cleaning.

<p>Slay at Home Mom</p>

Slay at Home Mom

This 25-day spring cleaning checklist from Slay at Home Mother is perfect for busy moms who need to spread their spring cleaning chores out over the course of the month. Plus, breaking up the tasks so you're focusing on just one area of your home per day makes the whole process way less intimidating too!

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