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Razer's Nommo V2 Pro speakers feature spatial audio and a less painful price

These new speakers include THX spatial audio and a customizable "Control Pod."


Razer is today announcing an update to its Nommo gaming desktop speakers. As is the case with most of the company's other products, these speakers are equipped with RGB lighting to fully match your other Razer gear.

The Nommo V2 Pro starts at $450 and delivers a wireless 2.1 sound system with one new trick up its sleeve: THX's Spatial Audio surround sound experience. Razer claims that the inclusion of THX spatial audio is a first for any set of 2.1 desktop speakers. Several titles, including Grand Theft Auto V, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Genshin Impact already support the spatial audio experience, with more titles to come in the future.

The speakers also include a downward-firing subwoofer, which could make it easier to hear enemy footsteps or roaring lightning. The updated RGB array now shines through the top of the speakers, making it easier for the lights to reflect off of a wall.

Razer is also announcing a new Wireless Control Pod, which comes included with the Nommo V2 Pro (but can be bought separately for $50). It's highly customizable and supports rotation, single click and double click. For example, you could rotate the dial to adjust the brightness of your RGB rig, single-click to crank your mouse's DPI for Call of Duty or double-click to lower your DPI when surfing the web.

If this all sounds enticing to you but you'd prefer a cheaper setup, Razer has another option. The Nommo V2 offers the same exact listening experience, just wired. It also excludes the Wireless Control Pod, and costs $300. For those of you who are math ninjas, that's a savings of $150. Of course, without the Pod, you're looking at physical volume and power buttons on the speakers.

Both the Nommo V2 and V2 Pro will be available in the US starting in June, and the Wireless Control Pod will be available worldwide starting in August.