Rapper Plies Sends a Strong Message to the NFL About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, rapper Plies

When it comes to Taylor Swift's blossoming relationship with Travis Kelce—and subsequently, the NFL—it seems that everyone has an opinion, and now, Plies is adding his two cents.

The Florida-born rapper took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his thoughts about the NFL showcasing the "Lavender Haze" singer, specifically during football games, and he didn't hold back when sharing his true feelings on the matter.

"Dear @NFL Media: Can U Please Stop Forcing Taylor Swift On Football Fans!" the "Shawty" artist wrote in a note posted mid-game on Sunday, Jan. 28. At the time of the tweet, Kelce's team, the Kansas City Chiefs, faced off against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship.

His note continued, "We Get It She’s At The Game & She’s A Phenomenal Artist! But Damn If We Want To See Her This Much We’ll Go To Her Concert!! Y’all Show Her More Than Y’all Show The Owner Of The Chiefs! We Love Her But DAMN!"

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Some agreed with the rapper's passionate point of view, like one fan who responded, "Omgggggg. Thank YOU and I’m from KC and it’s more bout Taylor. Lol," while another suggested it's no big deal, writing, "It's literally 30 seconds of a 3-hour game. It ain't that deep."

Another pointed out, "This isnt about football fans seeing taylor swift, this is about taylor swift fans watching football hoping to see taylor."

The result of the football matchup ended with the Chiefs coming out victorious over the Ravens with a final score of 17-10, securing themselves a spot in the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII.

As for Plies, this isn't the first time he has spoken out about Taylor and the NFL.

The 47-year-old previously took to the social media platform with another message regarding the pop singer, writing, "I Luv Seeing Taylor Swift & The Kansas City Chiefs Rock Out To 'Swag Surfing' On Sundays. But Media Let’s Stop Acting Like They Created It! Let’s Give Props To F.L.Y, Atlanta & The HBCU Community For Birthing The Phenomenon!!" just a week before, during the Jan. 23 game.

In case you missed it, video footage surfaced of Swift joining in during a notable dance, and Swifties went wild after catching wind of the singer "swag surfing"—a tradition originally made famously popular by the Atlanta hip-hop scene and adopted by Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Unfortunately for Plies, as long as Swift and Kelce are going strong, it seems that he and other disgruntled football fans must learn to live with highly-publicized Taylor game-day sightings.

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