Paramedic’s emotional plea for marriage equality

Kristine Tarbert

A Queensland paramedic has posted a heartfelt plea for marriage equality in Australia, and his words have gone viral.

Michael Slicker is a paramedic for St John’s Ambulance Australia, and is speaking up after a postal plebiscite to vote on marriage equality was officially confirmed by the Government.

In his emotional Facebook post, Michael opens up about how much a decision to allow same-sex couples to marry would change his life.

Paramedic Michael Slicker shared an emotional post for marriage equality. Photo: Facebook

“Let’s put this into perspective…,” his post starts.

“You will let me into your house at any hour of the day.

“You will throw your sick child into my arms and beg me to help.”

His post has since gone viral. Photo: Facebook

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Michael goes on to explain how as a paramedic he is with people on the best and the worst days of their lives.

“So who are you to say that I am less of a person and don't deserve equal treatment in the eyes of the law because I love a man....,” he continues.

“So please vote yes. It will make zero impact on your life but will change mine forever!”

Michael and his team campaign for marriage equality. Photo: Facebook

In less than a week his post has amassed almost 70,000 likes and it’s be shared 17,000 times.

And of the 4,000 comments, many were a big resounding YES!

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