The Queen’s hidden Palace passage revealed

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

She’s the regal monarch who is the last person you’d expect to be ducking and weaving using secret corridors.

But it turns out the Queen is partial to secret passages in Buckingham Palace to get around, with resurfaced footage showing a concealed walkway covertly hidden by an ornate mirror and dresser.

The Queen has a secret passage from an official meeting room, linking to her private quarters. Photo: Getty

Found in the White Drawing Room where the Queen often receives guests, Anna Reynolds, the curator of the Royal Collection Trust, revealed the passage leads to Her Majesty’s private quarters.

“This is the way to the Queen’s apartments, and often when the Queen is meeting guests, they’re lined up here in the music room for her to meet,” Anna said.

Resurfaced footage shows the mirror being pulled back to reveal a doo. Photo: Getty

“It allows her to make an entrance without having to walk through all the Palace rooms.”

With Buckingham Palace consisting of 775 rooms, it makes sense the 92-year-old royal has a few shortcuts to make her stroll to meet guests a little bit easier.

And her guests are often none the wiser, with the door hidden by a floor-to-ceiling mirror that acts a door.

The secrets of the Palace were revealed in a 2015 exhibition, where the public were also told about hidden traffic lights to help footmen served diners at exactly the same time.

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