Pub's savage response to one star review

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Whether it’s a simple Twitter post, Instagram photo, comment or even hotel review – in this day and age of social media, there’s always a chance something you write could come back to haunt you.

For one woman, who goes by ‘Chloe A’ online, that’s exactly what happened, with a recent one-star review she left on Trip Advisor about a Bristol pub, The Hobgoblin, in the United Kingdom.

After a complaint was left about a bar, the owner responded in the most savage way. Source: Getty

Titling her review ‘unreasonable’, Chloe had a bone to pick with the bar claiming the staff simply took a “disliking” to her and her friends when they walked through the door.

“They told us we were too drunk despite not having any alcohol before entering the establishment,” she continued. “This pub clearly has an issue with happy people.”

But it doesn’t end there, as the pub owner, James, wasn’t going to take Chloe’s comments lying down.

Chloe A’s complaint. Source: Trip Advisor/The Hobgoblin

Replying to her complaint on Trip Advisor, he didn’t hold anything back.

Beginning by asking how her “head” was, James savagely recapped his version of the events.

“I’d be surprised if you can actually remember your behaviour last night so, just in case it’s a little foggy, let’s have a recap, shall we?” he wrote.

James detailed how Chloe and her friends were served some drinks, but claimed she “stumbled away from the bar and barged into another customer” which then caused her to drop her drinks on the floor. The owner and his staff came to the conclusion that the group was inebriated.

Later on, Chloe apparently “aggressively” demanded the drinks she split “be replaced for free”, but she was “refused”.

“At this point you began threatening a member of bar staff,” James continued. “You claimed to be a police officer and that you could arrest the member of staff (bizarrely for failing to ID you – we operate a “challenge 25″ policy which, let’s face it, doesn’t apply to you).”

After receiving complaints from other customers about the group’s behaviour, the bar stopped serving Chloe and her friends, but they didn’t take that too well claiming they would “sue”.

Rounding off his lengthy reply, James asked Chloe to reconsider how sober she claims she was and suggested she apologise to the staff for her “unpleasantness”.

The bar owner’s full response. Source: Trip Advisor/The Hobgoblin

The owner posted a screenshot of the correspondence to the bar’s Facebook page telling other patrons, “Don’t be like Chloe”.

The post has since received over 1000 shares, 3000 likes and over 500 comments.

Many applauded James for his brutal reply labelling it “classic”, “awesome” and “incredible”.

We wonder when he’ll be receiving that apology from Chloe A.

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