PSVR2 Production Paused Over Low Sales

PSVR2 key art

The PlayStation VR2 is an impressive piece of gear, with specs well above similarly priced VR headsets and even well above much more expensive sets too. Unfortunately, despite that, it hasn’t really set any records for VR headset sales. That’s why Sony has pushed the pause button on production, if new reports are to be believed.

Reporting by Bloomberg suggests that PSVR2 headset production has stalled, citing a “backlog of unsold units.” The report says that people familiar with Sony’s plans said that stocks of the device have built up since the device’s launch last year, of which Sony has reportedly produced over 2 million units.

The PSVR2 reportedly hasn't sold very well. <p>Sony</p>
The PSVR2 reportedly hasn't sold very well.


The report, citing data from IDC, says that shipments and sales of the PSVR2 have declined every quarter since it was released. Q4 2023 reportedly saw as little as 325,000 units shipped, down from almost 600,000 units shipped in Q1 of the same year, a drop of almost 50%.

It’s not hard to see why the PSVR2 isn’t setting the charts on fire, all things considered. In the year since its launch, only three first-party games have been released for the device, two of which were available upon release. Third-party support hasn’t been much better, and while there are some developers pushing content out, there aren’t a whole lot of killer apps on the platform.

Other issues holding it back include the high price, which comes in at $549.99 – more than the PS5 itself – and the lack of backwards compatibility with games from the first PSVR.

Last month Sony announced it was working on PC support for the PSVR2, and it’s expected that it could lead to an increase in sales for the device. No date was set for PC support, though, and it comes into a crowded market — although one that has significantly fewer players with each passing year.

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